Index Coop awareness - #IndexOwl hoodie, NFTs and DAO

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 11 Jun 2021

The hard work never stops when you are constantly thrive for excellence. Index Coop is one of the projects I got involved because the indices they create are top of the crop and because I was an owl before being an owl was cool! This article will cover merchindise, voting snapshots and sharing #IndexOwl NFTs!


The Index Coop Hoodie

PVM is a simple man... when he wants some cool merchandise ... he will order it! This was the case for this Index Coop hoodie I seen on MetaFactory. Seen it ... love it ... order it! It's coming from USA so had to pay about $25 for the postage, but what's 1 INDEX token when it comes to fashion and being posh!


DAO active participation

I always said that Index Coop is the project with the best potential and the quality of products such as DeFi Pulse ($DPI) and Flexible Leverage Token ($FLI) was one of the reasons why I become and #IndexOwl! My judgment is now backed by Marc de Mesel choice to flip 10% of his Ethereum exposure for $DPI. Marc is a big name with a highly appreciated reputation when it comes to investments and his investment in DeFi Pulse is a clear sign that Index Coop products will play a big role in the DeFi summer!


Firstly I delegated my vote to make sure that whenever I miss an snapshot announcement, my vote will not be lost. After I opened all active snapshots and gave them a good read before I used my vote. All three snapshots covered in this article where bringing improvements so my vote was "FOR" in all the scenarios.


  • IIP-41: Allow investors & contributors to vote with tokens held in OTC vesting contract. This snapshot was proposed to allow Index investors who participated in the recent strategic sale to vote with tokens from the OTC vesting contract. The snapshot was approved 98% of the vote, 135,820 INDEX, and as a direct results vesting tokens can now be used to vote in governance and meta-governance votes. This update will help both the investors and the community by increasing the level of involvement.
  • IIP-47: Upgrade FLI to use Chainlink oracles. The Flexible Leverage Index ($FLI) is great and can become even better by integrating Chainlink oracles. Both ETH2x-FLI and BTC2x-FLI will benefit from a better rebalance by using Chainlink oracles instead of Compound's Open Price Feed. This snapshot was approved with 152,690 INDEX votes, 100% in favor of the upgrade.
  • Decision Gate 2: Bankless BED Index. Decision Gate 2 is one of the big votes and will decide the onboarding a new product to the Index Coop. If the this decision will pass the vote, than Index Coop will start working towards the launch of the BED Index. Bankless proposed that the Coop to create an index created from the three most investable assets in equal weight, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and DeFi Pulse (DPI) having all one third of the index. The BED index is a full portfolio solution for crypto beginners and will have self-driving crypto exposure with low cost to hold. The snapshot will be active until tonight at 7 PM but the 92% with less than one day to go shows the interest for innovation of the Index community.


#IndexOwl NFTs

Sharing is caring and sharing NFTs is being extra caring! If you follow me on Twitter you already know that I constantly do NFT giveaways and I love to reward my friends with various gifts.  

A maximum of 99 standard #IndexOwl will be ever minted and most of them will be shared through Twitter giveaways. Some will also be distributed through Index Coop official Instagram account.


The legendary #IndexOwl NFT will be as the name suggest ... legendary! Only 10 will ever be minted and 2 of them have already new owners. Be part of the Index history and don't miss the chance to add one of this NFTs in your portfolio.


Giveaway time! 

Twitter giveaway currently running until tonight at 23:59 UTC for mint 30 of Standard Index Owl. Also running a second giveaway right here on this article. Comment your WAX wallet and tag a friend to join the lucky draw! May the odds be forever in your favor!

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