How to improve Money-Making on StakeCube !

How to improve Money-Making on StakeCube !

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 20 Jun 2020

All the week I kept praising Stakecube, made and 8th parts advanced tutorial and than realized I didn't touched the essence of the platform... how to make money!

Everything you do on StakeCube can earn money, from referrals, to faucets and stake-reward. If you refer people you will get a percentage of their faucet claims, better stake-rewards, interest and higher rates from mining. Every member you refer will be added to your team and can be viewed in the account tab. The earnings can be checked on the token page, with an daily, weekly and monthly breakdown. See below my DogeCoin earnings :d95fe1af35ca758deb77cbbd1d58aefa0ed9d4828b81a8e3ca56b82d651baebf.png

The Stake-reward and team-reward is added automatically to the wallet. The activity can be checked on the activity tab, after clicking the specific token from the wallet list. The activity will show all transactions, from stake-reward, to interest and mining.c5eb37e069e332d7fa4ded7c77e6b3112aacbc1e9089e2ebe601046439af5c8f.png

With over 20 faucets to claim every 24 hours Stakecube if offering the quickest and widest range of faucets on the market. The premium faucets are self refilling(*), meaning that a full master-node provided by coin team is allocated to recharge the faucet through rewards or regular donations from coin team (PoS coins). The donation address (**) is also the master-node collateral address which refills the faucet (if MN coin).  Internal transfers to donation address are possible. The coins available at premium faucet are the following: StakeCubeCoin, SpectrumX, MMOCoin, e-Sport betting, APRcoin, TRBO, Vsync, AllSafe, Altbet, Crypto Trading Solutions, Know your developer, PRiVCY and GoldPoker. After claiming the reward, the specific wallet is created. 3cf376aed3621878f711e80deccea2c2bcf48eb47ce9e5ad63d9b734f8e0f06d.png

Community faucets are filled only by donation and is more likely to be empty. The community faucets are the following: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ducat, Blocknet, DigiByte and PIVX. At the bottom of the page are listed the last hundred claims. 6564f30d45d712c6b867eb80ab81e6f05ce6a219f5c49e58495b153b699a9436.png

I started using StakeCube at the beginning of the month and I was impressed of the platform and the multitude of tools and options. My current Account-Balance is almost $5 (0.00052952 BTC), and I will add StakeCube in the June earnings post.f6e5a59d19092bfea2a4b3f032ae20e29ef8935e5984f03958b789d897e7d028.png

The StakeCube Advanced Tutorial


Part 1 : Wallet 

Part 2: Exchange

Part 3: NodeCube 

Part 4: Shared Masternode

Part 5: MineCube

Part 6: StakeCubeCoin

Part 7: Academy, GamePlace and API

Part 8: Community & Faucets

Residual income sources:



Football Index




Atomic Wallet

Quality Faucets:

Horizen (ZEN) (LITECOIN)

Stakecube (claim over 20 coins daily)

The Crypto Faucet (SioCoin, Verge, Doge) (DASH)

MoonBitcoin.Cash (Bitcoin Cash) (Doge) (Litecoin) (BTC) (BTC)

My author page: PV Mihalache

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