Having A Deep Dive In Leo Finance ....30 Months After I Joined!

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 1 Jun 2023

LeoFinance is the Web3 community with a focus on the decentralization of crypto financial content, using  that  blockchain technology to store content and transactions. The multi-chain DeFi project was built to achieve long-term sustainability, creating a synergy between content creators and assets from the Hive blockchain.  

tl;dr : the Hive blockchain is an ecosystem of over a hundred apps, communities and projects! It hosts some of the most-used Web3 apps in the world, such as Splinterlands, PeakD and HiveBlog.

Therefore, LeoFinance is more then a blogging platform! The blogging platform is linked to the Hive DEX, statistics and the micro-blogging platform. All the above have tokenized activity and an unique approach towards community growth.

I joined on the 26th of December 2020, lured by the focus on finance, cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions! I was attracted by the content immutability, tokenized engagement and community ownership. It may sound like a series of fancy words but it's innovative technology. Time flies when you're having fun, and two years and a half later I was a hive rookie! 

tl;dr content creators can earn money (cryptocurrencies) by publishing and engaging on LeoFinance!


The content is stored on a decentralized blockchain and cannot be taken down nor censored, while users can earn $LEO tokens from posting or engaging with other posts. The community ownership is given by $LEO tokenomics, as users gain power for the $LEO staked.

Took me 30 months to have a deep dive into Leo Finance, mostly after the launch of the zealy campaign. Two years and a half of slow growth, let's say sloth mode, posting crypto stuff and replying to the people that commented on my articles. This limited interaction with the community made me reach only 120 followers, less than the average views of a piece of cake on Twitter! 


I decided to dive deeper into the LeoFinance mechanics, to enhance my own knowledge and understanding of the platform. Back to the tl;dr ... the users can earn tokens and coins for their on-chain activity! Absolutely all posts, either long articles or micro-blogging threads, are eligible for author rewards.

The reward can can be $HIVE, the coin that powers the blockchain, and $LEO tokens.  The Hive Proof-of-Brain mechanism provides both content creators and curators with the ability to participate rank and reward on-chain content. The community curation can boost articles or comments, depending on the voting power of the user.  

The LeoFinance blockchain-based social media platform integrated all the benefits of Web3, with users and creators engaging and sharing content while earning $LEO token. I consider it a gem, mainly due the efficiency! The blockchain high scalability can efficiently distribute thousands of LEO per day to hundreds of different users, with zero fees and 3 second tx times.

I went mostly stealth mode for over 1300 posts, as I never managed to get into the Leo spotlights. I wrote and published my blockchain researches, done my daily activity and returned the next day for the same routine. 

Never explored the wrapped LEO options because I often swapped the tokens to buy Spilinterlands decks, but FYI there are cross-chain tokens linked to the native LEO  token. You will find the wrapped LEO on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain and Polygon, pegged 1:1 with the original LEO from the Hive blockchain.


The rewards are credited after one week, due to the 7 day voting window, when the content creator receive his share and the curator gets paid for the upvotes given. The $LEO token is transaction free, and rewards the whole spectrum of the community. Therefore, staking $LEO has a multitude of benefits, giving more voting power and unique perks.

More $LEO power brings more opportunities! More staked $LEO gives more voting power, better rewards for curating content and cool ranks. The Newborn cub is the smallest lion, which needs over 5k LEO to become an independent Cub. The Lions can rule the crypto jungle but only few Leaders of The Pack will roam the blockchain savannah. Some are born leaders, while others have to work hard to reach the rank... this is why the Apex Lion must be on the top of the chain!  

What rank I have? Just a humble newborn cub with less than just a little LEO Power. I hope I will grow into a Cub one day, maybe even a Lion! 


You were in for a treat if you powered up on the 15th of May 2023! Everyone who staked more than 150 $LEO tokens received the LPUD Badge, while the users that staked more than 8000 tokens will receive the LPUD Lion Buidler NFT!  The NFT will have a special use case within the LeoVerse, and no more will be ever minted. I feel sad I didn't met the criteria but was too much for my level! 

Image from thread

I must admit that the Leo Artist quest chain was the most entertaining, making me forget about crypto topics. I enjoyed working my way towards the final quest, polishing my artistic skills. I was rusty at the beginning, but I've got better with each challenge. The LPUD Lion is by far one of my top creations, and hopefully will help me earn one of the NFTs that were prepared for the campaign. 

You asked for a role model lion... I done a role model lion! The LPUD Participant required an intermediate artist talent level, with effort and dedication put into the design. The competitive mode took over and forced my brain cells to draw the crypto savvy Leo.  This elegant creature is the king of the blockchain jungle and has advance financial knowledge.


I was millions miles away from the 8,000 LEO staking criteria for the LPUD Lion Buidler NFT, as my power-up was only 168 tokens. However, this helped me to complete a staking quest in the Zealy sprint and get closer to a prize from the $10,000 prize pool

Hive Engine and most of the frontends got broken at the start of the LUPD, and I was between a rock and a hard place. I had 168 $LEO and enough for the power-up criteria, but not enough to complete three  Zealy staking quest! The first was to stake 10 LEO, than 50, and 200 LEO ... and sadly I completed only the first two power-up quests. I wanted to buy some $LEO but I was out of liquid crypto, and the price was surging! 


Thanks to hivebuzz for the Leo Power Up Day badge! Staking over 150 $LEO on the 15th of May made me complete the challenge, get a badge, complete Zealy quests and have some fun! Win-Win Scenario! 


The hype around the LPUD day and the positive competition created by the 10k campaign helped to write history! Half a Million $LEO was staked for LPUD, a record-breaking amount! The numbers are incredible, as the 538,000 LEO tokens represent 3% of the 16,000,000 tokens in circulation! 

The Adoption Campaign may sparked the interest, and 195 LeoFinance users powered up at least 150 $LEO! I was one of the them, and helped to the sustainability of the blockchain!  

The Keyword is Sustainability, and this is the reason why the LeoVerse went up by 60% in the last weeks! 

The Leo team is working hard behind the scenes to achieve the long-term vision of building the best Web3 social media in the world. This vision is backed by the idea of creating a sustainable utility token economy.

The new Leo UI was released and the community went crazy! Record number of threads, comments, and interactions were recorded, as improvements are constantly pushed onto the interface.

The new tokenomics have been a direct cause in LEO's price price surge, with $LEO buyback as a healthy method of ensuring token sustainability. The lions are doing their role, with over 500,000 $LEO powered up on LPUD, and the number of staked $LEO has been growing exponentially. 

The curation system also changed, with new parameters being integrated for full meritocracy upvotes. The change will make upvotes to given out to users who not only write high quality content on LeoFinance but also to users who are engaged in the community.

On top of all the above factors that nurtured a healthy growth, the daily issued $LEO reduction is the masterstroke! This will create more value for the token and a higher desire to stake, vote and curate! I feel like I missed a huge opportunity, but I am still early. There's no better time to be involved ... than now!

Image from thread

The Zealy campaign brought massive levels of participation as the community competes to win $10,000 and 20,000 HIVE POWER delegations. This has turned out to be one of the best competitions I took part! 

Did I evolved through the ranks? I started few days later but worked hard to catch-up, reaching the top 100 leaderboard after three days. I kept working hard, writing crypo  finance, political turmoil and sharing my blockchain journey into the unknown. 

With 23 days to go ... I am on the 38th place in the leaderboard. I completed less quests than the people around me and I still have some tricks in my sleeve! Time to huff and puff... huff and puff... and make climb even more! Never been so bullish on $LEO, and feel sorry for not starting this hustle few years ago! 


Residual Income:

Join OKX 

Join Biswap

Join Binance

Join Upland 

Join Crypto.com

Join Splinterlands!

Hive Blogging - LeoFinance, Peakd, etc

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CakeDeFi $30 DFI for new users

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