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By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 12 Jun 2022

I have to try new things, not for myself only ... but to put in the spotlights new crypto opportunities for my followers. The D.BUZZ experiment took place as a test of earnings, communication and content reach. Let's do some noise .... let's buzz high on HIVE


It was announced by the official D.Buzz account as a different type of microblogging platform! D.BUZZ  users can post to the $HIVE blockchain, with a limit of 280 characters. This platform was created to connect people and projects ... to empower posting directly to D.Buzz from Twitter after the account verification

All you have to do is verify your account on the website and use the hashtag #hive or the ticker $HIVE in the Tweet you want to re-post to the blockchain. After clicking "Tweet," that is when our techno-wizardry takes over and will re-post the Tweet to the #dbuzz community on the HIVE blockchain. Easy, Fun, and rewarding!


I didn't had to create a D.BUZZ  account, as this is part of the HIVE account. The idea of the experiment was to post only once a day, the article I will publish on HIVE, LeoFinance or Splinterlands. 


My first buzz was the begining of the social experiment. Club1BCH launched the Discord Channel received zero upvotes and zero tips! The second buzz, the Mycelic Morphoid battle challenge, performed better! This post got 5 upvotes and 0.357 HIVE tips.


The next two buzzes started to show some actions, both receiving one comment. The upvote count showed progress as well, with 14 upvotes received by the Pancake Swap post. D.BUZZ looks genuinely cool, but I will keep my posts limited to one per day. I don't want to post non-constructive stuff, and I will buzz only the daily article.


The story of a rug pull and the highlights of a hack did some impact. BCH Towns rug pull received 5 upvotes and 0.251 HIVE in tips, while the news of the Beanstalk hack raised half of a HIVE and 14 upvotes.


The last buzz of the experiment was similar to my first one - one upvote and 0.008 HIVE in tips! Not outstanding but I still earned a reward for a small buzz! 



Raised 1.86 HIVE in a week, by posting only one buzz per day. At $0.86 that means 1.60 USD. Doing a forecasting and hoping to keep at least the same level of income, I may earn approximately 7.5 HIVE in a month. Will be less than $6.50 but how many of us are tweeting their articles for free?

While waiting 7 days for the first 7 buzz posts, I posted at the same rate - one buzz per day. The reward was lower then the first week, only 0.63 HIVE. Using the 2 weeks for a forecasting, leads to only 5 HIVE per month. The new calculation means that only $4.30 could be earned with one post a day.

Is it worth it? Undecided! I like the concept and I must give credit to D.Buzz as all this is at early stages. Will I use it past the experiment or conclude the research by stopping? I will keep using D.Buzz for a while, as the post takes only few seconds. 

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