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By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 29 Nov 2023

I am predicting a bullish 2024 in the Horizen! The market kept green for longer, protocols are innovating and improving the way AMMs, bridges or DeFi platforms are working.... and HorizenEON went live! 

Horizen is an open-source, public protocol with a broad and diverse ecosystem that includes developers, miners, node operators, across multiple blockchain networks. HorizenEON was activated this summer and the Alpha stage is the early on-boarding phase for the launch partners, allowing them to integrate their services onto EON mainnet. 


Bullish 2024 low, as the Horizen DAO created the synergy for the participatory governance for the Horizen community. The DAO made it easier for Horizen community members to get involved in governance and make their voices heard in the direction of the project. 

Horizen was a community-driven project since day one, and creating a powerful social layer was crucial for maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem. This approach is directed by the guiding values of transparency, security, accountability, community involvement and social responsibility. 

ZenIP 42206  was the first DAO proposal, and the vote proposed the redirection of the portion of the Horizen mainchain block reward currently paid to Secure Nodes to a newly created EON Forger Subsidy Fund. The quorum was reached and the fund will be created! 

What changes will ZenIP 42206 bring? The main change will be the the creation of a DAO-controlled address called “EON Forger Subsidies”, which will be set up on both EON and the Horizen blockchains. The 10% of the block reward currently paid to Secure Nodes will be redirected to the “EON Forger Subsidies” address on the Horizen mainchain. 


Horizen will expand with EON Alpha activated, the community governance, and with the deployment of new Dapps or protocols. The big names will introduce DeFi solution, blockchain solutions, and all the Metaverse things we love! 

Meanwhile, you can start building on EON, mint NFTs and  enjoy community built Dapps such as The Faucet Coin $TFC, the Love Faucet and Zen Domains. You can use the TFC dashboard to quickly add EON to your wallet, with just one click! 

The Faucet Coin ($TFC) was the first DApp deployed on HorizenEON. The Faucet Coin is a unique experience, with zero initial supply! There was no premint and no team allocation. You can claim one $TFC every day and help the token grow towards the 1 billion supply. Yes... zero initial supply, no pre-mint,  no team allocation or complicated launch! Everyday you can claim one $TFC token, until will reach the max supply! 


Also, holding $TFC makes you eligible for $ZEN airdrops of various amounts! And it gets even better, as The Faucet Coin has a merchandise store! Cool t-shirts and hoodies with the FTC logo are available for ordering, and more stuff will be added! Maybe one day we will be able to buy the merch with $ZEN or even $TFC! 


Being early is cool! Being early gives OG advantages! Started quite early on Horizen EON, and claimed $TFC for a while. I am not spot on with the 24-hours claim so I missed some tokens, but I am trying to get as many as possible.

Another community DApp is the $LOVE faucet, which started on the Gobi testnet. I farmed a good stash in there and I was happy when I was able to bridge it to HorizenEON! I took the Love Shuttle and 1351 $LOVE from Gobi to mainnet and waited for the package to arrive! Love is in the air and it's not even Valentine's Day! 


I must say I am happy to have a lovely bag! 


It is easy to move $ZEN to EON, directly from the Sphere Wallet. Make sure you have the latest version, and select the desired sidechain for the withdrawal from the drop-down menu. I sent 0.1 ZEN as a test and the transaction was completed in seconds. 


Residual Income:

PVMihalache Amazon Books

Play2Earn: Upland / Splinterlands / Doctor Who Worlds Apart

Get Plutus Card - 3% cashback on everything + Perks 

CEXs and DEXs: OKX / Biswap / Binance / / 

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCash,  GlobalHive ZCash & Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0xHive/Leo,  readcashLBRY & Presearch


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