Atomic Wallet: Ripple and the Spark distribution

Atomic Wallet: Ripple and the Spark distribution

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 22 Nov 2020

Flare's native token, Spark, will be distributed to Ripple (XRP) holders. At the moment, the airdrop distribution is for users holding their Ripple on non-custodial wallets, but some exchanges hinted that will also support the airdrop.1b472c92910d8db9b45ad1b74abc2ec8dad4a331515a7e847864ef38a1fabfe0.jpeg

The amount of  Spark will be based on the amount of Ripple. Flare promote themselves as the world 1st complete Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) network, a scalable chain with no risk of safety degradation, with low transaction costs. Atomic Wallet announced that they have no plan to support Flare in the wallet but the decision will be re-assessed later on. However, Ripple (XRP) holders can claim Spark tokens with the XRP key.977680a66ca2e121cb6f61b7d5e59846a5bdc94d54e17a2e5d47958d2f5c2d3f.jpeg

Atomic Wallet kinda fell out of my preferences when they messed up the referral program, which leaded to the downfall of Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) but recently they look back on the ball and are constantly looking into ways to improve their services. They recently added Zilliqa staking at 29% APY, and convinced me to move this asset into Atomic Wallet. 


How to claim Spark tokens  

  • Have you Ripple (XRP) on Atomic Wallet
  • Download the XUMM app from Google Play or the Apple Store. This app will be used to import the keys from Atomic and create an account for the Flare Network
  • Import your XRP private key from Atomic to XUMM Wallet by using the Family Seed as the type of the account. The public key from Atomic Wallet will be visibleand will require confirmation.
  • Use the Flare tool to claim Spark tokens. Once the disclaimers, warnings and acknowledgments are ticked, the XUMM wallet will open.
  • Don't generate a new ETH address as Atomic Wallet has ETH compatible account.
  • The claimer has to sign a reference to prove account ownership. The reference will be kept in a ‘MessageKey’ on the XRP ledger. The ETH compatible account address must be provided for this step.
  • The account ownership will be confirmed by signing the transaction with XUMM wallet, and the XRP account address will be synced with the Flare Network account.
  • Patience is a virtue so now wait for the Spark tokens. When the Flare Network is launched, all XRP ledger accounts connected with the Flare Network accounts will be checked and the Spark token distribution will be completed in a 1:1 ratio.


If you are not using Atomic Wallet and you think to start now, check my Atomic Wallet Tutorial and see if this wallet is your cup of tea!

Community Updates:


Airdrop Spark also supports Uphold, Exodus and probably on Celsius. The snapshot will take place before 12/12/2020. You can also do this with a Ledger and Metamask account. You can find more information on Google. Also the Bitbay exchange will support airdrop Spark. Good Day!


Exodus wallet also supports this Airdrop for XRP holders.


Celsius and Flare tweeted about it, think thats about it. sub reddit it fairly active.


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