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Chainlink And Neo Added To Free Cryptos

3 Sep 2020 Bragato18

06 September 2020
Hi Bragato, I hope you are well. Have you already withdraw from these faucets? Tipped and liked! Regards

Announcement: Payouts Delayed Due to Extremely High ETH Gas Fees

1 Sep 2020 Igor Tomić

01 September 2020
Already a week ago also did not receive eth payout. Nothing happened I can understand the delay, and we are waiting for a reduction in gas. Here my transaction. https://etherscan.io/tx/0x2e6fcd3c5f0255c7b89e8949567a25cc599d9edc342c6e0b116589494066b591 Best Regards.

Official BananoJob #9: BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x users (200k BAN)!

16 Aug 2020 banano

17 August 2020

Statera – DeFi 2.0

6 Aug 2020 paragism

07 August 2020
Nah Sry, but I don't see this project... It is definitely not an investment and form for me. I don't need a bot to manage my capital. Anyway good luck for User Sta!

The easiest guide to earn BTC, DOGE, LTC, BCH and DASH

1 Aug 2020 Roberto D.

01 August 2020
I tested Coinpot, i was banned for no reason. I do not recommend Coinpot. I recommend other faucets without bothersome ads.. FreeBitcoin https://freebitco.in/?r=28973904 Firefaucet https://firefaucet.win/ref/Znikacz Free-Litecoin https://free-litecoin.com/login?referer=617754 Free-Tether https://free-tether.com/?referer=17295 Bitshark https://bitshark.io/r/120255 Zen Faucet https://getzen.cash/auth/register?ref=276473 ZCash Faucet https://globalhive.io/auth/register?ref=4325 Thank you!

BTC: 13k or 9.6k?

30 Jul 2020 MadMaxx

31 July 2020
We'll see what the last candle of the month will be today... I speculate that there will be a slight correction. 9,6 k

Horizen Network and the ZEN Token - What I Learned

31 Jul 2020 Bragato18

31 July 2020
I have use your referral link. Nice faucet! If you want ever to use Firefaucet, here my link. https://firefaucet.win/ref/293155 Im earn Dogecoin there and ofc faucet paying. Anyway tipped and liked.

Reminder: BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x Users Ends in 2 Days!

29 Jul 2020 banano

30 July 2020

Sell The News And Buy The Dip 😎 Cryptonator`s Ultimate Crypto Investment Guide

27 Jul 2020 Cryptonator`s Airdrop Hunt

28 July 2020
"Find a low market cap gem" not a good path for beginners in crypto... If the Coronavirus ends and sports events starts I think Chiliz ( CHZ ) has potential.

My Most Popular Publish0x Posts Defined Using 3 Metrics

28 Jul 2020 Bragato18

28 July 2020
Tipped and liked, very good article!

Top 5 exchanges to find hidden crypto gems.

20 Jul 2020 MadMaxx

21 July 2020
Hi, what a coin, token ? Cheers!

Newbie Tricks: Why I love and hate Coinbase

18 Jul 2020 rah

19 July 2020
Hi, I hope you are well! Personally, I don't like Coinbase, the only thing they have good is Paypal on Coinbase ( I checked this feature a small amount on paypal )... I did not like the amount limit and the nonfunctional trading panel...I couldn't feel at all. Nevertheless, I like your article and the description of your initial adventure with crypto! If I decide to use other exchanges, I can recommend for example Binance. You can use my referral links but you don't have to. https://www.binance.com/pl/register?ref=ZDCTXB6J Wazirx partner Binance https://wazirx.com/invite/p4ckhxm6\ Bitbay, regulated exchange and very transparent https://auth.bitbay.net/ref/32484 Other Exchange CoinDeal https://coindeal.com/ref/BZ2H I can recommend these exchanges from experience. Already following you! B.Regards

New Crypto Scams Appear on YouTube and Facebook Amid Bitcoin Halving

11 May 2020 Abhi K

13 May 2020
In April was another one with B Gates giveaway as well…do not pay any funds. Be careful!

When Steve Wozniak became a bitcoin scam

10 May 2020 Little Big

11 May 2020
This is a scam! Airdrops and earning xx% in a short amount of time and other doubling of cryptocurrencies are scams. If you see them on social networks, Please report this movie!

My first month on Publish0x

10 May 2020 PVMihalache

10 May 2020
Good Job. Keep it up!

Living with the Brave browse, 6 months later!(with a full earnings report)

6 May 2020 MadMaxx

06 May 2020
How many subscriptions do you have? Do you have Auto-Contribute enabled? Cheers!

What I Learned From My Faucet Phase

3 May 2020 Bragato18

04 May 2020
Yes buy lotto ticket. I wish you a win!

Bitcoin We Need To Watch out For These Bearish Signals

4 May 2020 moon333

04 May 2020
Thanks for the great technical analysis!

Publish0x Recommends Atomic Wallet (Download Now and Get 15 AWC)

1 May 2020 Igor Tomić

02 May 2020
I already have it. Very pleasant to use. Im testing it for now but I think it's recommendable! Thank you for the article.

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So I was just checking my portfolio as I usually do and I saw something different on my dashboard. As much as I try to keep up to date with crypto news I had missed this one. On the right hand side where a summary of my staking rewards is displayed i...

StakeCube moved from PIVX to DASH codebase

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StakeCube moved from PIVX to DASH codebase as is aiming for a safer and more robust chain. The DASH codebase will allow the platform to update quicker and will concentrate on progress instead of fixing errors and issues. Superior privacy, instant tra...

Fib.dev - Taking the DeFi Market by Storm

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Fib.dev continues to see more users weekly and for good reason. This second-generation DeFi solution utilizes a natural mathematical protocol to solve one of the main problems currently facing the DeFi community - a reliance on governance token value...

You Will Never Regret To Buy Stellar Lumens XLM At This Support If It Will Be Not Broken Down

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ETH 2.0 may kill LRC.

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Hello and welcome to another article! I was thinking earlier today about what ETH 2.0 will fix for the network. Having found out a few issues that ETH 2.0 has planned on fixing, it occured to me that most of those features are already on LRC. But con...

Crypto & The Communist Manifesto- Part 1 Quotes

22 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments CivilWar

While chatting about the recent, frequent, turbulent world-wide events with a few close friends, our conversations veered towards political theory and ideologies. Before we knew it, a close friend and I decided to start a book club based on political...

Litecoin Transactions Surge Following Release of LiteBringer Game

21 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments TheDesertLynx

Litecoin's transaction volumes have increased severalfold following the release of role-playing game LiteBringer on to the Litecoin mainnet. Network data points to the game as a likely catalyst for the transaction surge. Announced last week, LiteBri...



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