Rusty Android Weekly Battle Challenge || Ep. #33 || Splinterlands

Rusty Android Weekly Battle Challenge || Ep. #33 || Splinterlands

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 21 Oct 2020

This week's battle challenge focuses on the Rusty Android:

Several Lyverian farmers reported seeing a strange blue light rushing down from the sky one evening and landing with a crash in the fields. Later that evening, a strange metal-skinned device calling itself Rusty Android was making friends with the locals in the tavern.




The rust bucket himself, Rusty Android, is not a monster card I use often. I have leveled the card up to level 6 and as you can see it does have some useful stats - 8 health, 3 damage and 3 speed with the magic reflect ability. For me, he doesn't offer much protection in terms of armor, shield ability, void ability for a primary tank and doesn't do enough damage as damage dealing tank. I guess this is why the poor old rust bucket is a common monster card and at one point in time, was the most burned reward card. Also, the current market price for 1 BCX of Rusty Android is very cheap ($0.02) and indicative that its not a very valued card.

Battle - Full Battle Replay


Battle Details

  • Mana Cap: 13
  • Rulset: Earthquake, Super Sneak

This was a good battle and I thought I gave a good showing. I thought Rusty actually did better than expected as he dealt a few punchy blows - thanks to the super sneak, he was able to attack the enemies backline monsters. I think I lost the battle by not including more flying monsters to offset the earthquake ruleset, playing Rusty in a low mana cap did hamper my chances due to its high mana cost and I didn't have anyway to deal with the enemy's Cerberus healing itself after every round.  

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