The biggest mistake all new players should avoid || Ep. #20 || Splinterlands

The biggest mistake all new players should avoid || Ep. #20 || Splinterlands

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 7 Sep 2020

Making mistakes is part of the learning process when it comes to trying new things. This is precisely what I have been experiencing in my relatively short time playing Splinterlands. With the recent changes to collection power and league structure updates, collection power has become more critical as it serves as a gated mechanism to prevent low-level collection power accounts earning higher rewards.

My collection power


To progress to Diamond II, I have been doing a lot of house cleaning on my collection and have been very active in the market to bolster and level up monsters and summoners. While been involved in the market, I discovered a huge mistake I was making, which has cost me a lot of DEC and I want to use the remainder of the post to illustrate it.

The Biggest Mistake Made

I had an Alric Stormbringer summoner who was at level 4 with 11 BCX (Base Card per XP). To level him up to level 5, I needed to purchase ten more cards as I understood it. My understanding was that I would need to buy ten singles cards — a big mistake.

When I look to buy cards on MonsterMarket, I always used to sort by the lowest price and wholly ignored the Price Per BCX. This proved to be a costly mistake. Let's illustrate it.

Purchasing cards using the lowest price

10 BCX = $11.058 / 21496 DEC



Purchasing cards using lowest Price Per BCX

The cheapest and closest Price Per BCX to our needs is the level 4 11 BCX sale item which costs $10.



This equates to a saving of just over 2056 DEC!

I have been wasting precious DEC by always searching and sorting by the lowest price, instead of using the Price Per BCX sort option. The spread between the two can be costly and it something that all new player should be aware of.


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