Purchasing DEC experiment || Ep. #30 || Splinterlands

Purchasing DEC experiment || Ep. #30 || Splinterlands

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 12 Oct 2020

With the all the upcoming changes to Splinterlands, the price of DEC has been increasing a lot lately. I wanted to put together a post to see how much DEC can I purchase with 4 Hive each on hive-engine.com and monstermarket.io. 

Experiment 1 - hive-engine.com

When depositing Hive into hive-engine.com, there is a 1% fee on deposits and withdrawals and therefore I will be depositing 4.04 Hive to cover this fee.


 The current price for 1 DEC on hive-engine.com is $0.00077 or 0.005023 Hive. I placed a buy order for 796 DEC which was successfully filled:


Experiment 2 - monstermarket.io

Purchasing DEC with 4 Hive translates to 756 DEC on the credits page on monstermarket.io:


The slippage is attributed to a bigger fee that monstermarket.io takes (3% processing fee). I did end up receiving more DEC than the quoted amount above:



Purchasing from monstermarket.io is convenient and simple to use, but this ease of use and convenience comes at an additional cost. In running this experiment I confirmed my suspicions that buying via hive-engine.com resulted in me receiving 24 DEC extra or close to 3% extra. Its not much, but I guess at bigger numbers and volumes these would have significant impact. What do you think? How else are you purchasing DEC for the upcoming land sales in Splinterlands?

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Thank you for reading and hope you have a good rest of the day!

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