Broken Dollz new series WAXTRIGE

By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 4 Mar 2022

I recently had Broken Dollz on for a meet the artist I have know this artist for a while and he had only recently returned with a new series but now he has just leveled up with another series called Waxtrige I have to say when I seen it I thought it was a brilliant concept I don't think anyone in the NFT world has come up with something so simple but eye pleasing and if your like me mid thirties these NFTs will bring back some memories so I reached out to see what the idea behind it and where its going .

Hey bud

Hey man how are you?

Good I have to say you are killing it with the new series Where did the idea come from for the series?

It was really late, and I knocked down a box with some stuff ( I have lots of toys and games) and it had some old Gameboy games, with bad art on the label . So I figured why not do something like that . Started as half a joke and then when I showed to people they went nuts . So I reached mu friends and asked if they wanted one... And here we are today

When did you release the first one?

February 26



But it has expended to just you on this project how did all the collabs come about?

I reached out to my bro Kuma, and the mighty Shannzy. they were into it after a couple ppl actully starting talking to me ( with your helping that to happen on twitter) and almost all of the "big" guns I've talked to were really into it.

How many have you done so far?

Ok 20, but 15 have been dropped

Oh so there is 5 more to drop who has appeared so far?

5 of the 15 and the other 10 are

  • Kuma

  • Shanzzy

  • You

  • Maiki

  • Bret

  • Drawn company

  • Senior Lupe

  • Rapper JRG 

  • Miss Teen Crypto

  • Neftyblocks 


Oh wow that is some amount of collabs is there more lined up?

About 15 but maybe more .

Wow and will they all be priced the same?

Yes all will be set to just 2 WAX I also put some of mine to be bought with $nefty

Oh nice are they all the same mint size?

That's up to the other artists I normally do 250, some wanted 150 or a 100. Are collab has sold 81 so far !

Wow that's amazing what is the master plan with these?

Well I'm gonna some of them for blends to make animated and some will be used to... ;) in the future . That's all Il say .

Oh that's sounds fun . How long are they taking to create?

I've been doing graphic design for 23 years, I can do these at my sleep. The longest one took I think about 40 min the first template took like about a hour.

Ha ha ha are you enjoying doing them?

So much . Its like closure I stated my digital life on 8bit seems like a good idea to bring that to web3.0 .

What is the one next to launch?

Id rather not answer that now be could be huge.

That's unfair not even a clue come on . Anything else you like to say about it?

I love the collabs, I love all the new people I stated to know and I love wax. Oh and you can check all the collabs and the rest of my work here


Cheers bro for your time.

Always a pleasure bro.


So guys we have kept a few up to giveaway and I have 10 to giveaway for the first ten readers who drop there wax address below I am going to make it as easy as that for once so no twitter no tagging no retweets just first come first served if you .


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