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Digitization is taking over the world and it is going on at a fast pace. This is only possible because of development of new and improved technologies on a daily basis. This is interesting as every sector of the world has been affected positively, by digitization. 

As digitization of the world continues, a currency which would help the masses transact in the digital world was needed which led to the creation of a digital currency called crypto-currency otherwise known as the digital gold. 

Crypto-currency has helped in elevating the standard of living of the masses and also driven the world financial, industrial and economic sector of the world to its zenith. 

The crypto-currency adopts a decentralized system, which is free from political and economic control. 

The problems affecting the usage of the ordinary fiat currency includes, theft, insecurity of financial transactions details, centralized systems etc. 

 That is the reason for the creation of a superior exchange means, and the efficiency of this currency, makes the digital gold (crypto-currency) to be chosen in preference to the normal fiat currency. 

However, the benefits of the Crypto-currency cannot be achieved without it's adoption. The few sectors and masses who has adopted the crypto-currency for wise and judicious use have witnessed the unique benefits of the currency. 

And a greater number of people are yet to adopt the Crypto-currency for use, as they are not yet informed about the unique benefits of crypto-currencies. 

This problem of lack of adoption and use of the Crypto-currency has actually slowed down the Crypto-currency industry and hindered it's outstanding benefits from manifesting. Efforts have been made to tackle this problem, which includes creation of a great crypto-currency platform.. 

Let me introduce you to..... 


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Oniz Foundation is a decentralized blockchain based system, created with the aim of facilitating the masses (world) transition into the digital era through adoption of digital currency (crypto-currency). 

Oniz Foundation has developed some techniques for use which would guarantee a complete global adoption of the Crypto-currency as a suitable and efficient means of exchange thus improving our standard of living and the world financial system. 

The ONIZ foundation has developed a crypto-currency called the ONIZ token which will be used for different operations in the digital era such as playing games, create smart contracts, financial transactions, buying and selling etc. 

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With the ONIZ token participation in the crypto-currency world be made much easier and interesting, thus bringing about the global adoption and use of the Crypto-currency.


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The benefits of the Oniz token are numerous, a few if which are.... 

  • PROVIDING SUITABLE MARKET FOR INVESTORS : The Oniz token is a very transparent means of exchange which guarantees the security of transaction details. 

It has been made in such a way that it provides a dynamic fast growing market for investors and speculators, as transactions could be done effortlessly and without fear. 

With the Oniz token the economic sector of the world would improve greatly benefitting the entire global system. 

  • PROVISION OF FUNDS FOR CRYPTO-CURRENCY BASED PROJECTS : Project developers find it difficult to sometimes finance their project and are discouraged from actualising the goal of the project.

 The ONIZ foundation platform is dedicated to help the developers finance their project by providing the Oniz token for development of the project. 

This project would in turn boost the participation of people in the Crypto-currency industry and give them the opportunity to enjoy great gains from the project. 

  • INCREASED PARTICIPATION IN THE GAMING INDUSTRY : The Oniz token has also been designed for use in the game industry. 

Games which are connected to the Oniz platform could be played using the Oniz token. This games ranges from different type of online games to offline games. 

Now with online sport betting rapidly becoming the trend in today's world, the Oniz platform will boost this trend by enabling the usage of the Oniz token to procure betting tips which guarantees the user of sure winning of bet placed on any game or sport. 

The Oniz platform have also developed sophisticated technologies which ensures a winning rate of 85% for those interested in the online betting. 

An wonderful benefit of the Oniz token to the online gaming and betting industry, is the development of sophisticated technologies which will provide an increased winning rate to the participants in sports and games betting, in order to ensure that their winning chances is raised. 

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With the Oniz token goods and services rendered on the Oniz platform could be purchased. 

The Oniz platform is dedicated to ensuring transperency, security and efficiency in its services and operations. 

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The Oniz foundation with its benefits will facilitate the increased participation of the global population in the gaming industry, making it interesting and unique. 

With the unique methods and benefits of the Oniz foundation, Oniz has proven that it is capable of bridging the gap between the world and the Crypto-currency industry, thus bringing about a great revolution in the world system and increased adoption of the digital gold by all.

To get more information about Oniz, use the links below..

Website : https://oniz.co/#

Whitepaper : https://oniz.co/oniz/img/English.pdf

Telegram : https://t.me/Onizco

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Onizco

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9rEAZsLqirE6pVPsv1Ct0A

Writer : Cj Kalu

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