Earn crypto with Coinbase (XLM Giveway)

Earn crypto with Coinbase (XLM Giveway)

By cryptosaso | mcthru | 26 Jul 2020

In the previous episode of "earn crypto with coinbase" we saw how making cryptocurrency with coinbase is absolutely easy and for just 10 minutes of your time (and your patience), you will have earned a couple of dollars in crypto. By inviting your friends, you could earn even more money.


The project implemented by coinbase allows you to know more about coins, and after learning something new, you will be rewarded!


But let's go in order. Today we will talk about the stellar coin (XLM), a coin that can be earned through coinbase by registering from HERE. In my case, I have $ 40 to donate to anyone who wants to sign up, and I also get a small fee for helping those who sign up to earn their first cryptocurrencies.


A huge thank you to all the people who liked my articles and tipped me! This helps me to be more productive with new items!


But let's get back to us. Are there other coins that can be earned through coinbase? Of course!

Among these coins we have:


As soon as I am notified of acceptance and the opportunity to earn more coins, I will create a new article to share all of this with you.

Also, if you are not yet registered with coinbase, you can do it from HERE, so you will have the opportunity to earn a few dollars in cryptocurrency.


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