Pipeflare token: I don't make any moves until it reach 1$.

By Mcthru | mcthru | 14 May 2022

I have been testing the Pipeflare website for at least a year.

Generally, I dedicate a period of testing to the sites that I then propose in my articles. This initially serves to understand if the site has a continuity over time, and only after some time I propose it in one of my articles. It is a quality control that is used to skim off those sites that are no longer in business after a few months / year. Even if all this penalizes me, I do not regret it, as I take care of writing quality articles, with particular attention to the reader.

Pipeflare is a site that offers a small reward in coins of various types. It initially offered ZEC, later added DASH / DOGE which have been replaced by MATIC and FLARE tokens. The rewards weren't huge, but the ability to increase the reward with small actions allowed me to greatly multiply the minimum reward for each coin. In fact, the site offers the possibility of logging in with different social accounts, up to a maximum of 4 (now 5) which allow you to obtain a multiplier of up to 1.9x. Later a daily counter was added with the possibility of multiplying everything up to 3x and up to 4 bonus spins per month.

And that's not all: this site proposes itself as Play to Earn as it allows you to earn FLARE tokens with mini-games. With these tokens it is possible to staking within the site (min.1000 FLARE), with the possibility of obtaining up to 48% APY. And finally we have the airdrop, which allows, depending on the coins earned, to get a small extra sum in addition to the normal rewards.

All great so far right? I would not say really.

The site is built specifically to encourage P2E, through games. The developers put a lot of emphasis on this aspect, and the integrated faucet is a decoy. The real core of the site concerns the dissemination of their token called FLARE. At the time of writing this article, around 1600 coins are needed to get $ 1 of FLARE token.

When you decide to withdraw your coins, FLARE relies on the MATIC network, therefore high gas fees. Remember: any coin that relies on the ETH network (such as MATIC) will consume a disproportionate amount of gas fee to carry out an operation, even the smallest. Here is the reason for the title. Among other "less fantastic" things we find the possibility of earning a higher APY just by subscribing to support the site. This is only convenient in the bear market, as you can later retrieve the subscription money through the bull market.


NFTs are now an object of common interest. Now let's see how Pipeflare exploits NFTs and their potential. The site sells NFTs that give different bonuses, from 2x to airdrop bonuses, and also allows you to pay in FLARE at a reduced price of 20%. Not bad. In addition, the NFTs that you are no longer interested in you can resell them on the site, in a special section. Here is a great example of how NFTs can be leveraged to greatly improve the experience within the entire site.

Final conclusions

I use this site on a daily basis and believe in its potential. The mere fact that it has a small built-in faucet is a big boost to those audiences who want to earn tokens easily. This audience is then redirected to the games section from time to time, becoming the actual target that can be leveraged to generate revenue. Furthermore, the various subscriptions and NFTs present on the site (to increase the token earnings) are a second source of income for the site, and an excellent opportunity for those who want to maximize the income from this site. If I convinced you to sign up, you can support me using this LINK. You will become my referral, and we can earn coins together!


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