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Simple Technical Analysis - An example via NEO price prediction

By Mchoeti | Mchoeti | 22 Nov 2021

Technical Analysis - Can you do it ?

Well i am not the best pro trader and no i do not have my own youtube channel.  I am just a simple TA guy which loves crypto and statistics.
And yes i have seen so many turorials and i was following so many calls. Some of them good and some of them bad. Well so i decided to do it on my own. And it works very well. Even in a bear market. Can you do it also ? Give it a try.

Step 1 - Select a coin ( NEO )

What is NEO?  Well NEO is what we call the Chinese Chain. NEO was founded 2014 and was part in the bull run in 2017.
Maybe the re-branding from Antshares to NEO was one of the factors…. No I am joking. If you want to know more about NEO, please check the Wiki article or the homepage for more details.

Why a new price prediction? Well Neo had a major upgrade. And as we all know sometime this is a time where it can pump.
I will do a simple TA which works best for me. As you can see i have marked the ATH ( which is called the All time high )

Simple and Clean

Step 2 - Drawing horizontal lines

Well i seek for many touch points as possible. And yes i do not really use magnets. It is only what i see. Try it on your own and you will see that you can spot some resistances and support zones. And here is a step by step guideline which works very well for me.

  • I zoom out and check what was the ATH ( All Time High) and some of the lows..
    ( No I am not checking the ATL ( All time low ) because from my point of view this price is invalid years later.)
  • I do some simple line, 2 or 3 at the top and 2 down from the price at the moment
  • Then I check if there is / was a trend
  • I use my lovely Fibonacci Retracement tool

Step 3  - This is how it looks like 


As you can see at the moment we are about 39,93 USDT for NEO. The yellow lines are my support and resistances 
and the yellow boxes are my take profit areas. As you can see i have switched from daily to a 2 hour timeframe. 

I have placed my orders in this way. I will see how it plays out. 


But as always this is not a financial advise this is only my way of thinking. Be careful, take profits and remember you can loose all your money. I also added some of my affiliate links in the box. If you need an discount of 10% on BINANCE you can use this one. And if you want to participate on other projects. As example DEFI please use the link to receive a sign up bonus about 20$ after your first deposit. Stay save and make good gains.

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