Contested Election; Our Prediction, Today's Events

Contested Election; Our Prediction, Today's Events


Our November 23 Article Predicts Today's Contested Election

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Plain Speaking Analysis Outlines Our Years Events

contested electionIn a lengthy November article, we explored the insider strategy surrounding impeachment with a small i. We could see the basic strategy in the selling phony impeachment to the people. We were looking for the possible end game. we found a contested election.

Parties and Media Take Seditious impeachment To Election

We tried to lay out the frame work that led to phony impeachment, in an effort to predict the coming year planned by the banks through their political parties, and ended the article with a shocking obvious conclusion that occurred as we analyzed. 


contested electionThe Goal Of Seditious impeachment Is Election Disruption

The Constitutional rights and obligations of the People to define issues of American value and purpose, is at the heart of the impeachment matter and the upcoming election. 

The struggle for power is over the question of whether our values domestically and internationally are the subject of birthright, or of government discretion. If no one understands the concept of birth rights in creation as natural, essential, and existential, confusion will be a natural result in this election.

If this public ignorance of our birthrights and civil rights under the constitution continues, seditious impeachment inquiries will extend into alleging potential criminal activities of every action made by President Trump. This may extend into the subpoena of campaign memo’s contributors, potential foreign influence of all connected to the campaign, etc. The entire election process is meant to be called into question by any means possible. No election, or an openly defiant and rebellious electorate disputing election results, is the objective.

Covid, Mail In Ballots, and Protests In Terms Of Contested Election

So we and our readers were not surprised when covid, mail in elections and protests suddenly began. We knew it would take an extreme series of events to disrupt an American election. These events were not foreseen by us, but were foreseen in other alternative media at that time. However, most medias did not see the election disruption endgame in November. 

Alternative Media Needs To Pull Together

At this point, alternative media leads the news 70% of the time. MSM trolls Alt Media, desperately sanitizing, and belatedly releasing stories, meant to counter questions arising from our growing readership and well documented reporting.


Alternative media did begin to pull together in April - May, and in concert began to detail, the UN agendas, and their connection to issues like covid, and protests, etc. We all immediately saw the covid issue as a major election disruption mechanism. Then mail in ballots got going and people began to wake up. As a result. MSM has been forced to address the issue in its sanitized way.

This Weeks Contested Election Top Stories

We now believe a contested election can be avoided with increased and intense vigilance by the American people..

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1280"]Trump campaign braces for possible contested election, forms lawyer coalition Fox Article[/caption] PREPARING FOR WAR  

Trump may win on election night but Biden will be ... The company's models have also predicted that electorally, Trump could win 408 electoral votes on election night to Biden's 130 if at least 15 percent of total mail-in votes are counted by then. When at least 75 percent of the mail-in votes are eventually counted, weeks later, the election race could flip in Biden's favor putting him in the ...

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