WeedCash Weakly update for the week of January 22-29 2021

By Chubbie149 | Marijuana economy | 29 Jan 2021

Im already doing this update of weedcash its crypto WEED the current price and 5 of the weedcash posts chosen by me chubbie149. This makes week 3 in a row one of my posts hit higher than $15 on weedcash. Proving it pays to blaze, every thing I have earned added up is around $160 that and I have a few sponsors sending me merch (retailing for around $300 all together). 

The Bud blockchain that pays to blaze Weedcash got several new members this week, As well as a potential Weed cash marijuana strain in development. WEED is a great candidate to go the distance, Unlike its fellow cannabis crypto like POT, DOPE, HEMP. WEED is a delegated proof of stake model almost built for cross chain cooperation. The other coins i named are PoS in pot coins case while the others appear to be some PoW abomination from yesteryear. PoW in DOGE or LTC or of course bitcoin is done right, this kind of nitch market has to adapt DPoS modeled crypto are more fluid then their competitors and logically will win out in the long run. BTC wont go anywhere but PoS is sketchy at best underhanded at worst once the market realizes their bull shit they fall just look at Zcash, & Dash.

BCH will go the same way just wait! That last fork forked it all up                                          

My pick of the crop 

1. @aicwebmaster/i-love-kief 

2. @apexfarming/hello-hive-and-canna-community 

3. @bagseedbobby/bagseed-bobby 

These where all new users posts 

4. @jonyoudyer/my-application-to-be-a-seed-vendor this weeks top earner well done over $33 USD so far

5. @hivecannabis/yung-terps-all-gas-no-brakes Selfish pick im now added to their curation this is the announcement. 

Resorces several stock images i have provided for HIVE users 



9th in my series I have uploaded 45 images so far for Hive users to utilize 

My profile on Hive/Weedcash

WEED price




 Hash kings is out of presale and just announced merch 

Now no mater the legal status of cannabis where you live, You can now profit on buds and blockchain (Just cant smoke it & its a NFT)  

Want to start getting paid for your cannabis consumption? I believe this post I did recently seems to have the appropriate info for sign up.

I even have one person from PublishOx featured inn this weeks highlight

Start getting a little cash for the cashed bowls, I would have been happy with a $1 a day to smoke pot now I average $3.50 or more. Cannabis isn't legal everywhere but those of us with it legally available seem to be some what of a interesting concept to those who cant toke legally. This and due to the legal status materials such as high quality images are in high demand and short supply. So i provide stock Images under 500x or higher magnification to stock image sites and I currently am attempting to get featured in leafly or weedmaps. Just takes determination weed and legal cannabis, I will do this for a job or die on this hill because this is something I believe in literally the only thing Cannabis (getting paid to smoke it seems to actually be possible).  28cfa34cbc9bf326d7f8b67a2c125ae600114b2231de5c4f553f0bb96a7983ae.png e13f00299239555f4db93ce5c24efb13c7473710deeb9daf2d10ee255fe06e7e.png     

Not a bad pay day for something people call (a harmful drug) Totally false by the way Its considered a gate way drug but now that I get mine from stores I haven even done anything stronger than kratom & pot.    


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chubb149 from HIVE white listed Weedcash NFT producer & WAX NFT vendor every post comes with an NFT airdrop

Marijuana economy
Marijuana economy

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