Earned My First $100 USD Smoking Cannabis.

By Chubbie149 | Marijuana economy | 27 Jan 2021


Do what you love and the money will come, finally I am able to say smoking a joint is a paying gig.  No tricks I smoke cannabis and photograph what I am smoking, I then either describe the cannabis or just ramble on stoned post the resulting content to weedcash.


  They're a hive.blog front end and they pay users in WEED,  I just passed the $100 USD amount. All about the Benjamins Being tipped for the Bud I Burn, I even got sponsored by waxliquidizer.com. however they just sent me murch like $250 in their products,


  I am able to spend the money I earned  it will be a bit less than 100 by the time I have cash 💸  but it is literally doesn't matter.  I have been paying to get High never dreamed that people would pay to get me high,  or more specifically pay me for posting about being high. 

This being said I earn more money for the better posts, I happen to know alot about cannabis chemistry ⚗.  Posting about the specifics of cannabis science has made me $20 a post before.  When I phone it in this is reflected in my payment per upvote, but not always the case.  My edible recipe won a contest $25 prize all together to which I am not counting in my $100 total.  Given all the Cannabis photos I have been taking, I had a surplus of them after a few months.  This is why I decided to get into contact with the admin at hive stock images.  They also pay me for the same photos that I already used in my posts.  Im really closer to $150 or $200 I smoke a lot of pot it's hard to keep track of the month im in let alone all of my pot specific revenue. 

You could also post your highdeas, or strain reviews on weedcash to make a cash back on your cashed sack so to speak.  No tricks literally only time you break the rules is posting something unrelated to cannabis. Any crypto WEED earned can be cashed out via a exchange,  or you can also just buy CBD bud,  vapes, pipes, grinders, & stash boxes or merchandise directly from the weedcash integrated store.

You must utilize a Hive account this is a rather difficult task to new users. Just sign up via this referral

Once you have made a Hive account & made several copies of your keys 🔑  Given to every hive user.  You will need to sign up for hivesigner utilizing your keys I think it's your private posting key but follow their instructions. 

Once you have done that once you will have a normal password you will make instead of the key  BS . You loose your keys your screwed so back up your back up copies you can't be to careful.

Once you have signed up for Hive you will be able to use hivesigner to sign in to weedcash. Post about your pot plants the pot your smoking, or any cannabis conspiracy or science you want.  Keep it about cannabis literally everything you do with weed can become profitable.  Picture is worth a thousand words and I don't know how often you type 1000 words but a picture takes 10 seconds and typing 1000 words takes me around 20 minutes.  I have personally been in contact with the admin of stock images,  if you have a few plants they need more plant photos from growers.  I  alone have supplied them with 50+ macro photos of cannabinoid/THC images. This is usually around $1 a picture but it varies from post to post.  I have literally sold photos of moldy weed worth more than I could ever get for the moldy crap.

My current residence is in a area where cannabis is recreationally legal, so what I am doing is completely legal 🤔.  I'm not going to tell you to break the law, but if you're a stoner and a legal beagle. This is a great way to generate good press for pot and potheads alike, we face a wide variety of stereotypes and more often than not they are fabrications.  Communities like weedcash are a grassroots form of media that is not controlled by private interests.  I for one I try and show people there are intelligent stoners,  smoking weed doesn't make you dumber.  I didn't touch pot until I was 18 , they had me on narcotics by 8 years old.  Probation almost killed a friend of mine,  and cops have robbed more people where I live than any criminal.


New users to hive check out these guides to help you get the most money from your Weedcash/Hive posts

Torum is a great website, I have been creating clans there specifically for cross posting your weedcash content.

Join Torum here:

https://www.torum.com/signup?referral_code=chubb149 Weedcash Torum clan https://www.torum.com/clan/5fee848bc954e45599639dbd If your already on hive but not weedcash & you are interested in following me  https://weedcash.network/@chubb149  

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Marijuana economy
Marijuana economy

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