WEED cash gets NFT store Hash Kings now with Raids & a NFT airdrop

By Chubbie149 | Marijuana economy | 12 Nov 2021


Hash Kings Raids + WEED the from the HIVE tribe Weedcash will soon have their own NFT store, This is big news for NFT collectors, & potheads alike.

I believe Hash Kings raids is active or will be soon, this will be gone over later in this write up, but first.

At long last a post about WEED NFTs that legitimately talks about Weedcash NFTs.

Not only that ill go over what makes WEED special, how to obtain some WEED + the current WEED & HIVE NFT connections.

Do you to like Buds + Blockchain / Cannabis + Crypto, Then Give Weedcash a try link below.👇

If you just like Blockchain & NFTs that's also cool there will be info useful to anyone on HIVE + the 3 separate NFT airdrop(s).

Why WEED / Weedcash are special

One of the First tribes on HIVE Weedcash has so much going for it most are unaware of.
Above is the description of the WEED token found on Hive-Engine, In addition to all that there is still much more to the WEED Token.
WEED is its own EOS alt (EOSWEED) making it one of the few HIVE tribe cryptos that can be withdrawn.
A total supply of WEED capped at 420 Million, there is currently just over 42 million distributed.

Censorship resistant Weedcash is more then needed in the marijuana industry which still faces persecution & censorship.

Weedcash has weedchat off blockchain, weedcash on blockchain, & a connected store giving WEED a real world use case.

Now with NFTs joining the Mix WEED prices, I have a feeling will be higher then ever before. This link 👇 has all the official weedcash NFT info.
This is already peculiar WEED was dormant more or less now the market is starting to stir. Since WEED has been with HIVE since STEEM (if ya know, ya know) WEED has a few use cases.

One of the WEED use cases was Dcity integration, Dcity is a play to earn game in which you the player construct what is known as a build from NFTs.
A WEED farm NFT in Dcity produces WEED, Not only that you can utilize WEED in Dcity throwing a Weed festival for your citizens.

This integration of Dcity & other HIVE alts is seldom visited & is an example of NFT DeFi well before its time (now).

You can Delegate WEED to Brofi

WEED does quite a bit & was already more complex then your average cannabis crypto before the NFT news, now it will be unlike any other.

Obtaining WEED

I buy mine from the store (sorry dumb cannabis joke), WEED has 3 main earning methods.
You can also Mine it Via NFTs on Dcity or WEEDM / WEEDMM
You can stake WEED I believe a few delegation services for WEED & Weedcash exist Ill cover a few later on in he write up.
Staking can qualify certain users for a discount at the weedcash store.

I cant find an EOS exchange for EOSWEED that is active but there are quite a few on HIVE.

One of my new favorites Dswap recently got a major update

TribalDex one HIVE exchange that I frequent daily

Good old Hive - Engine

Or if your feeling frisky Leo Dex

All 4 great places to trade HIVE for WEED, WEEDM, & or WEEDMM. Staking any of the 3 will generate WEED at a proportional amount.

NFT Mart Hash Kings

One of the ways I had been trying to generate awareness of / interest in WEED was selling Hash Kings NFTs for WEED.

Had no Idea the two Hash Kings & Weedcash where about to Go crazy like this, I guess it was a gut instinct thing.
All my Hashkings NFTs for sale are strictly sold for WEED
Including brand new SEED NFTs & Avatar NFTs used in Raids.
I will likely expand this inventory over the next few weeks.
All sales listed here 👆 for WEED are likely mine.

Hash Kings Raids

I cant actually get this to work yet but this is brand new game type on Hash Kings known as Raids.
What I know is these are boss battles of sorts with your Avatar level playing a important roll. This is giant news for this game if you have been ignoring Hash Kings I would give it a second look.

Myself I'm a HIVE gaming uberfan that loves cannabis of course I play Hash Kings all the time.

Now If I where you I would get to smoking / rolling joints in game as now more then ever there is for one a profit in it & for 2 a practical usage beyond what there was before.
Level of your avatar will soon be everything, You could utilize this knowledge to profit in a few ways.
See the type of joint you can produce depends upon you avatar level, So selling either a leveled up avatar or high level joints would be quite profitable.
You See the market is devoid of High level joints creating a level of demand previously unseen.
Only listed consumable (joint) on NFTmart at the time of writing.

I think you just set your avatar & it auto completes not sure but I got this.

My crazy WEED / Hash Kings asperations

A year ago this seemed like a pipe dream, cannabis NFTs on HIVE centered around a Play 2 Earn Hash Kings & Weedcash my favorite tribe.

I'm aware of the rudimentary design of these new HIVE Tribe NFTs, Though rudimentary I have some thoughts on what can be done.

For instance collaboration to some degree between Hash Kings & Weedcash, either listing their in game NFTs on the Weedcash NFT store. Or possibly a collaboration effort for promo NFTs.

Getting into the more complex utilizing vIRL (virtual In Real Life) NFTs for Weedcash in store items, this would take some effort but its doable.

Finally some Weedcash whitelisting NFTs to one degree or another something from events perhaps. What the whitelisting entails maybe a badge or a loot crate of sorts.

These Ideas come from me being a WAX NFT vendor / creator. Though there are many more options with WAX NFTs some of the practices the WAX market responds to could easily be implemented here on HIVE.

The vIRL NFTs would be doable & generate some notable attention for Weedcash is my guess as it would be a first for HIVE.
Most of the parts are already in place like the real world Weedcash store & now the NFT store / creation.

In the Future I would love to see Hashkings on WAX but I realize that's asking a great deal of effort / resources.

WAX Unboxings

Neither Pack related to weed but you win some you loose some.
BIT box bought this for AETHER generated via staking on Rplanet so it was more or less free.
Connected to a new WAX alt & a game in development, one of those random buys I threw some money at.
Got 2 legendary NFTs, that's good I think?
2 of these + 3 rare ones & I profit from selling 2 get 3 NFTs for free.
Lets recap cost $10 in AETHER 2,500,000 AETHER to be exact in less then an hour I sold this 👆, in addition to figuring out how to claim their crypto.
Not bad for a guess, next up HODL god Collab packs.

Now a HODL God Collab I bought 1/2 price not expecting anything good.
Got 1 epic & 1 legendary
Not great took a loss if I where to sell now I think ill take a que from their name & HODL for now.

Weedcash Torum Clan

Given this is getting so high I would be a fool not to address XTM & Torum. Several months ago I actually started the Weedcash
Clan on Torum.👇
Weedcash is also a company listed there officially, Before the team behind Torum got $200,000,000 from Huobi & Kucoin they where actually easy to get ahold of I got the Weedcash clan greenlit personally. Torum is cool with pot & a great place to share your Weedcash posts.

Company 👇
Clan where you repost Weedcash posts on Torum

This was all done legitimately getting the greenlight from Weedcash & Torum so post away. BTW Torum is cool with cannabis though that should have been implied.

Splinterlands WAX cash back

Obligatory Splinterlands name drop, that and I have some useful WAX market hacks for Splinterlands. Though before that my daily rewards I lucked out again with my 5th new legendary since the new rewards cards launched.
My rank while in Diamond 3 appears to factor into rewards drop value, everything up to gold 1 not great after gold 1 every day in the last 3 - 4 my rewards where of much higher value.
Now on to the WAX market life hack(s)
Finally tested this & it works great ill give Caits cash back a once over please consider using my Cash back referral👇.
Now step 1 go to atomic market after pulling up the cash back page that is.
Pull up whatever sale you want I like Splinterlands so lets use them for this example.
Copy the URL from the NFT sale on Atomichub market
Paste in the Sale page URL box on the Cait Cash back page hit submit.
Buy the NFT on CAIT & get cash back, though this is a ow return if you buy something for 100s or 1000s of WAX its quite the discount.

The other WAX market with a 1% Cash back is Nefty Blocks but you get the cash back in $NEFTY on the following Wednesday via $NEFTY mining.
First time ever Diamond tier 2

Banking of Bud NFTs

Here's where I spill the details of what cannabis NFT collections on WAX are doing the best in my portfolio.
Bit of Puff Puff patience paying off with this WAX NFT colection Cryptobuds, due to the way that they release limited quantities of a new NFT every 3 days stocking up pays off.
Selling originally for $1 in $NEFTY or WAX when they drop Hodl these NFTs a month you more or less triple your money.

Using $NEFTY instead of WAX prevents market flux on the WAX price as $NEFTY stays more or less at a constant due to the mining.
Now with a Super burn blend use case also released in limited quantities you can really make a profit with this colection just takes a little Puff Puff Patience.
Now lets look at the NFT colection getting a play to earn soon that basically is Pokémon Go, with Gnomes & Dro.

Stellar performance by the Devs behind Gnocity thus far, Now their play to earn will soon have a Metaverse that functions like an NFT Pokémon go style game.
I highly suggest you get whitelisted while you still can for the next Phase of Gnocity.
Bought this for $8 in GNOKEN only 11 made just stopping by the store in game is highly profitable. Making me some of my highest profit margins recently give Gnocity a look see👇.

Green Rabbit
Green rabbit has been showing signs of life with new NFTs & blends recently added.

KENN is a great alt to buy on a dip with a play to earn in development & a NFT DeFi system on the horizon its a good stoner buy.
The creator of this colection & crypto clued me into BLUdac

I more then profited on KENN provided by the $20 Broke Bro Bro pack I bought.
Getting me that gas free WAX DeFi money


Bought on a whim while high I turned $20 into $100 in 1 day with this NFT colection. Just a guess based on its Token generation already active at launch.

Awsome when you own NFTs from the Top Nefty Blocks collections.

Market apparently agreed with my assessment
Nothing like a $100 day ya know $100 is shy off the grand total of profit off that $20 purchase.

What I'm smoking

Normally just where I would tie the post into Weedcash so they get a shot at the NFT airdrops Since Weedcash gave me my start.

However I'm still going to show you readers exactly what I was smoking as I wrote this.

A 10th planet Hybrid grown by my friend & a bunch of kief on literally everything. Got a new Wicca Box & have been smoking Kef for like a month.

New Airdrop How to

Like usual the NFT airdrops start with HIVE
2nd on PublishOx
3rd NFT airdrop now on Torum
All get shared in the HIVE comments section then Twitter
Each airdrop will contain 4 WAX NFTs, Given my posts now get over 100 views a piece this will give more readers a chance to get some NFTs.

Given the reduced number of NFTs many may find fault in this, but I plan on increasing value of each airdrop.

Torum like PublishOx or HIVE is free to join & interacting with my posts. Such as sharing or upvoting on these platforms pays both you & I crypto. All Crypto I earn goes into future airdrops win win win.

You can join HIVE here 👇
PublishOx here👇
Torum here 👇

One of 3 WAX NFT airdrops, containing 4 NFTs each posted first to Hive then shortly after a second one goes on my post to Publish OX.

You can find updates here, ill try to post the second URL from PublishOx & 3rd Torum URL in the comments.


If your the lucky reader please let other readers know via comments it helps.
Social Media Second airdrop link PublishOx
Hive profile
Hive referral
NFT airdrops after Hive
Join publish Ox
Join Torum
I accept donations if you feel like supporting more fantastic airdrops & ok posts. You can share / upvote via HIVE or PublishOx.

Donate WAX NFTs or Crypto here:


or here
My Twitter is linked to both Mask Network & Brave content creators, so you can also donate MASK or BAT to my twitter.
Under no obligation to do so it simply goes to increase the Airdrops & Possible future NFT give away events.

Got this NFT ?

I airdropped many of these NFTs & right now is the time to sell check your WAX wallet you may be in luck if you have claimed NFT airdrops in the past.

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chubb149 from HIVE white listed Weedcash NFT producer & WAX NFT vendor every post comes with an NFT airdrop

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