I made my own cannabis NFTs on WAX wallet attomichub They Will be on the market by Sunday

By Chubbie149 | Marijuana economy | 26 Feb 2021

This Was my First EOS NFT minting but I have made ETH ones previously, Ill be giving away the first 10 to hive users that like re-blog and comment their WAX wallet address On my Post titled Launch!! that I will post to Weedcash this Saturday 2/ 27/2021. The 10 free Royal Gorilla NFT Cronic Cards will be given away on a first come first serve basis, Depending on the popularity of the give away I may do things like this in the future. If not On hive I suggest joining but its really difficult to use for first time users I have a guide I have written on PublishOx previously. 

Hive referral

I have a lot to do many updates to post so this is my hive post I just re uploaded 

The first minting is complete Ill do the give away of the first minting this Saturday. First come first serve basis those wishing to participate simply like and re-blog on my post titled Launch!! then leave your wax wallet address in the comments This Saturday 2/27/2021. Its a limited minting for the beta Ill explain what I did to make these NFTs I'm open to collaboration I'm leaderless and rudderless (I'm also not that great at design) but I do have the name. Having already made a NFT product line so I have some skills, More now that I'm on my second NFT minting this time on EOSIO.

How I did this

First you need to get on wax wallet to take place in any of this, Both to produce NFTs and Receive the ones I just made and intend to give away this Saturday.
Once on Wax wallet you can mint NFTs on a number of affiliated Dapps but I used assets minted here can be sent to wax wallet users.
Here is the link to my cronic collectibles WAX NFTs

Stake assets to get resource delegation

As I touched on yesterday This is more like mining I dont exchange an asset I stake assets for resource delegation used to mint the asset(s)
I used RAM Because this is how you would Mine EOS derived assets and that was my intention.
But the others can be utilized for the other ledger variations like ETH ERC20 Minting. However this doesn't pertain to this Tutorial because I used EOSIO.

Create a Collection

First sign in to wax wallet on atomic hub you click NFT creation tab on
Once there your prompted with create New collection or once the collection is made create schema (Schematic) The collection can have more than 1 schema but the schema can only have 1 collection.
Since this is a beta I did not use all the features the opposite Its bare bones proof of concept. But I did finally mint them It took a while however I was making sure I had the process down before I start getting serious about rarity ect But this can be added later.
Because It was a test run I'm giving them away for free to Hive or Weedcash users that like and re-blog my post this Saturday & then leave your wax wallet address in the comments.

Once you have Made a Collection then Schema you can either make a stencil or just create 1 Minting (or Card type) Set the name The image In this case Royal Gorilla and Royal Gorilla Card I designed. I forgot to screen grab here to excited but I'm sure ill make more and better document the process.
This guide is much more thorough

Check out My wax account I sell rare splinterlands cards and the Cronic Cards fairly soon. I paid for this with splinterlands card sales on wax wallet its crazy how much I can upcharge from my purchase price on rare cards.
I didn't have time today to get more supplies from the dispensary so its the same as yesterday.
Ill still do the usual Friday cross promo post for other users and 5 stock images of cannabis but Saturday look for the Launch!! Post. Clearly I'm no good with design so if any one wants to collaborate or wants to have me mint NFTs get ahold of me in the comments or Message me on weedchat

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Marijuana economy
Marijuana economy

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