Mommin' It Monday Episode 15 Crypto News
by MammyCrypto

Mommin' It Monday Episode 15 Crypto News

By Mamaecrypto | Mamaecrypto | 19 Sep 2020

We are total goofballs! On this episode Lisa and I talked a good half an hour before realizing we were not live and not recording. Yep, we both have a case of Mondays, or better, a case of Mommin' It Monday. We apologize to everyone who was waiting for us and we are so glad we caught YOU half way there. We still managed to talk about few interesting topics that discussed by major crypto news publications. Below are some of the headlines we busted thru in an half an hour.


1. US Lawmakers Set to Vote on Two Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Proposals by Dailyhold

2. Coinbase CEO renews critique of Apple, says tech giant preventing its app from enabling DeFi access by theBlockCrypto  

3. Apple forces Coinbase to change its crypto products, says CEO by Cointelegraph  

4. The IRS offers a $625,000 bounty to anyone who can break Monero and Lightning by Cointelegraph   And more! It is a packed 30 minutes.   Hope you get a chance to watch and catch up with some of the latest crypto news topics. I feel like this week topics got overshadowed by the Uni airdrop but lots of interesting developments to watch out for. Lots of action, innovation and debate going on in the crypto market space. That's for sure!  



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