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Lara's Oh Deer Christmas NFT Drop

By Mamaecrypto | Mamaecrypto | 25 Dec 2021

Merry Christmas! This year we decided to send our Christmas cards to our loved ones in a very meaningful way. And to innovate we as a family choose to do send it in NFT format. 

 Two reasons: Mainly because my 5 year old got some artist skills, let me tell you! The adorable deer she created simply amazed us. Also because I wanted all the love embedded within each card to last forever, in an immutable blockchain. Second: The cards will be easy to access by the receivers in many years to come and generations will be able to enjoy this amazing piece of Christmas Art created by our little Lara, in her first school year, for many lifetimes. Imagine her grandchildren being able to enjoy and have a blockchain emitted copy of her beautiful mindset at the time. Since it is possible I am giving it a chance. why not right?   

If you are receiving one just know that you are special to us. It may take you a little of bit of time figuring out how to claim it (Especially if this is your first experiences with NFTS - Non Fungible tokens emitted on the blockchain) but known that once you take the few simple steps to claim it you will learn something new. A new world of possibilities that will be gradually integrated into our daily lives. So I encourage you to claim it, keep it, and cherish it. You can also feel free to share it with a loved one, as her deer in so darn cute!   If you did not receive one and would like to have one here is how to claim yours


1. (If you do not have a WAX address) Generate your WAX Wallet address by Signing up to WAX Cloud Wallet at:    AVvXsEi0rGkREEJA3d42fJFFHoFd9xK8aWgOzARPgZJa5V-M3M1D6g9bOXB72r3AL00gLpgDYQsWigKZToM_R4COJHGIT_IOsSVY5wW8Au-SMXUe6KqTjxQYHuCRCR_ASeLuXz1UMhD-jlPKtXquucCTPiEUq5TGKlEtjOwobe6VSN8_BGaTtl5K-ezg8yVNcw=w304-h400

2. Copy Your Wallet Address   


  3.  Follow @Mamaecrypto on Instagram and/or Twitter and drop (paste) your Wax address on our Pinned Oh Deer Post.   55ce06396c2bef55cf7165a5633a7d5d3840c62a2e0408af3a958da6bf963b4d.jpg    

All Entries received by December 26th will get this fun and free NFT Christmas Card from us. Please note 1 NFT per Wax wallet Address. Double entries will be accepted.

Thank you and Happy Holidays.  

On December 27 2021 NFTs will be dropped to participants wallets added to our list. Thank you and enjoy the gift! 

This is an incentive for you to take a leap and learn something new for 2022!   You can visualize the NFT on this Link: collection not whitelisted so make sure to un-click whitelisted only to be able to visualize.

As the collections grows I will be able to whitelist it but not until we have gathered few pieces of Lara's work in order to qualify.    Also check out my other whitelisted and not whitelisted listings here:

Lots of Love from our Family to yours,  

All my best and Happy Holidays


Wax address: we1qw.wam
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