What is the Brave browser? how to make money from it

What is the Brave browser? how to make money from it

By giabao | Makemoneyonline | 2 May 2020

What is the Brave browser? how to make money from it

What is the Brave browser? how to make money from it

What is the Brave browser?
Unlike the Google Chrome browser or any common browser you usually see today, Brave is an open source browser developed by Brave Software Inc.

Based on Chromium browser kernel with deep customization to ensure security with blocking data collection, user behavior, blocking annoying ads and increasing browsing speed for users.

As of 2019, Brave supports both computers and phones with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems.

Should you use Brave browser?
As of March 5, 2020, Brave browser currently has 4 million daily active users and 12 million monthly active users. Based on previous statistics, this means that Brave has attracted around 2 million monthly active users and 700,000 daily active users in the first 3 months of 2020.

Compared to the time of the 2016 launch, this is also a significant number. It shows community support for a product that claims to respect the privacy of its users.

Brave is very transparent about active user data, you can refer to at : https://brave.com/onl729  

How to make money from Brave browser?
This is definitely the part you are most interested in when listening to the Brave browser. However, please read through the content in this section and ponder before we conclude.

Brave's payment mechanism will be through the virtual currency BAT. To explain in an easy way, when users use Brave as a browser to view content on BitcoinVietnamNews website, we will receive a bonus from Brave. Conversely, you will also receive a bonus from Brave when just browsing the web and turning on the ad viewer.

Here are the ads shown on Brave for supported country regions: 


Brave là gì? Đánh giá về trình duyệt Brave mới nhất

Mechanism of reward payment in Brave browser
Brave will pay rewards to those who watch the ad through the BAT (Basic Attention Token) coin - A token based on Ethereum technology can also be used as an account unit between advertisers, publishers and users. in Blockchain-based digital advertising and services platform.


This Brave browser model promotes privacy protection. The web browser history is kept private because all the data needed to deliver appropriate ads never leaves your system. The use of inappropriate ads is the reason people do not want to continue using the browser, but Brave has completely removed that to increase the user experience. Therefore. It can be said that the BAT represents a fundamental revision of the way digital advertising is delivered. The time users see ads should not be wasted but users have to be paid for that.

To solve that, the Brave browser takes a unique approach when it comes to compensating creators. The awards are made through the Brave Ads network and user contributions. Content creators will be required to register with the network before being eligible for revenue. By then, the registered content creator will earn 55% of the alternative advertising revenue.

Brave comes with an inbuilt BAT wallet, which allows users to support their favorite websites. Users can download the wallet and distribute a specified amount of BAT to favorite websites, the wallet can be loaded via Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and BAT token. Credit cardholders use the Uphold payment processor. You can set a monthly BAT budget to be automatically distributed to frequently visited websites. You also have the right to set a percentage to be contributed. You will not have to see any ads but still support your favorite website.

Users can earn BAT by browsing Brave enabled sites. If the user agrees to replace the regular ads with anonymous ads from Brave ho will be paid in Basic Attention Token (BAT). Users will receive 15% of revenue. Revenue depends on the time spent on the Brave browser.

However, you must enable Brave ads because the browser blocks all ads by default. Before receiving any payment, you need to activate the wallet BAT token. For users who do not want to support any website, they will not earn money nor contribute to any favorite websites. But in return can browse the web very quickly.

Download the Brave browser
Brave is a fast, free and available web browser on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux platforms, you can download Brave right here and Brave will identify the operating system compatible with your device. .

What is the Brave browser? how to make money from it

Guide to making money from Brave
As mentioned above, making money from Brave is only possible by introducing new users and only works when you have one of the following channels:

If you already have, start following the steps below.

Step 1: Install Brave

The installation of Brave is quick and easy, less than 1 minute after double clicking on the installation file you have just downloaded. When the installation is complete, you can choose Use Brave to set as the default


What is brave? Review of the latest Brave browser

At the top right of the browser, you'll see Brave's icon, the orange lion's head. Clicking on it will give you a drop-down menu where you can see the option to enable / disable built-in ad blockers and other features.

What is brave? Review of the latest Brave browser


Step 2: Open a Brave account

Click on the image and select Brave Rewards

Set up Brave Payment (online wallet for Brave users): Click on the image below to turn it ON and drag the authentication triangle as required

After this step You have received 25 BAT (corresponding to 7.82 USD, at the time of this writing). With this money, you will use it to donate to the content publishers (Content Publisher) is the Website, YouTube channel that you love.

Step 3: Register to be Content Publisher on Brave browser

Visit: https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/ select GET STARTED to register to become Content Publisher

Enter your Email and enter the email to confirm the registration.

After authenticating the registration, you will need to set the User for the account.

Brave will ask if you have set up 2-Layer Security "Set Up 2FA" right now, this is an option so you can skip and set up 2FA later. Here, Nam chooses Skip for Now to skip this step.


The next step, You need to add your Content channels, such as Website, Youtube by Click + Add Channel

Enter the domain name (your website address) and select Continue: 

You follow the instructions of Brave to verify that the Website is yours as shown below:


Note: in step 1 Install the Plugin, if You use WordPress go to the new Plugin installation and search based on the name “brave-payments-verification” to find and install.

Activate and access the Brave Payments Verification to paste the CODE segment that Brave granted above

Finally Click Verify on the Brave page in the previous step to confirm and this is the result of the Web site has been successfully Add.


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