How to survive the top 20 crypto rout

This morning the crypto trader’s board is flashing red all over, 16 of the top 20 cryptos by market capitalization are posting loses against the USD. It looks like it’s profit-taking time, a day after the top crytpocurrencies were all rushing forward towards key resistance levels.

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Do you know who’s not hurting? Other than the USDC Stablecoin, there are three cryptos that are actually rising in value today. Let’s take a closer look and figure out why.

Polkadot - DOT

The main token for the Polkadot protocol has continued its sustained ascent pattern. Just as we covered in a previous article (read it HERE), the vision behind Polkadot’s protocol continues to gain followers especially in the DeFi sector. This behavior has made some analysts predict that DOT may eventually rest amongst the top 3 cryptos by market cap.

Nem – XEM

Similar to DOT in purpose, NEM is a blockchain protocol aiming to manage all types of assets. By applying the novel concept of Proof-of-Importance consensus algorithm NEM encourages users to hold and transact using XEM.

Additional safety features of the protocol, like multi-signature transactions and the possibility to include messages in the transaction make this protocol extremely useful in decentralized environments.

Tron – TRX

The biggest winner in the top 20 currencies is clearly Tron.

The Tron blockchain supports a growing ecosystem, which make this coin particularly useful. There is now a lot of interest in DeFi protocols on Tron, fueled no doubt by the growth experienced by the JustSwap platform.

As you can see, the top coins that were spared today’s massacre are all DeFi related.

Before you invest in any of the coins mentioned above please keep in mind that past performance is no guarantee of future returns. This article is intended for entertainment purposes only. It should not be considered as financial advise.  Please be aware that all investments entail risks, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

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