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Presearch: The Brave Browser of Search Engines.

By SkinnerCrypto | Magic and Lasers | 15 Apr 2020



Those of you in who have been in the crypto space for some time probably recognize something really interesting; Wherever you go, if you have a skill like writing (Publish0x) love browsing the web (Brave/BAT), like to produce and/or watch videos (LBRY) or even comment and make posts on socal media (Hive/Steemit/Uptrennd) there's something out there in Cryptoland for you to do and a platform you can leverage to get yourself some of that sweet, sweet ass crypto. Ah, I love it personally, and I hope you do too. In spite of all the popular news about bull and bear markets, Hodlers, Whales, Lambos and Moons, there is something in the background that is steadily growing that could be a revolutionary change in the way things work. Economics is taking a turn for the better because it is becoming progressively more decentralized. It's not just in the technology of banking and transactions; it's becoming granular; more contingent upon you and me.

No longer are investments for the big Walls Street brokers and One Percenters. Instead of companies making money from what you do, many now are willing to pay you to do those things. It's an interesting turn of the tables, and it has led to MANY really kick-ass crypto projects. From an initial standpoint, people might see it as counter-productive; Why in the Holy Hell would a company pay YOU to use THEIR product? It's lunacy!

The Power of Not Being a Stingy Dickmaster.

The first thing you need to know is that these types of behavior reversals often seen in the crypto space is tantamount to positive reinforcement. I don't know if it's by design, but you can indeed influence the behavior of people MUCH better though positive reinforcement than with negative. Don't believe me? It's something that has shown real results since the Father of Behavioralism - B.F. Skinner (no relation) - established operant conditioning. Here's a fun little primer on the subject of postive reinforcement and operant conditioning. What better way to get someone to do something you want them to do then rewarding them? That's what these companies are all about.

That all being said, it's BIGGER than that. One of the biggest roadblocks affecting the crypto space today is adoption. IF people don't use what you have to offer, then there's gonna be no inflows or outflows between people and exchanges, there's gonna be no growth, and most importantly, nobody is gonna know what the hell you're talking about. If you want to reach the big (if not ambiguous) goal of MASS ADOPTION, you gotta incentivize. And that's what these crypto companies do.

However, that's just a piece of the mass adoption pie. Say you're starting up a cryptocurrency. Altogether, the three things you need for mass adoption are:

1.) Something that a lot of people wanna use for a good period of time.

2.) Something so easy to use that you're grandma Janelle (Who is old as Fuck BTW - Ask Danny) can use it with ease. And...

3.) Something to incentivize usage. You gotta give a little to get a lot.

Most of the "Table-Turner" Cryptos like BAT and Hive make good use of these three major components. There's another that I wanna talk about today that I personally think will continue to do well (NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. I'M A DIPSHIT. DON'T LISTEN TO ME): Presearch.

What the HELL is Presearch (WHITEPAPER)?

Presearch is looking to do the Search Engine differently. In the abstract of their whitepaper, they discuss the importance of the internet. It started out as this little thing at CERN 30 years ago and became this phenomenon of information at our fingertips. Despite this, a few large companies have stepped forth as the masters of the Industry and control an incredibly large portion of how people view and interact with it. Google, Facebook, Twitter, these are the biggest players. In the case of Google (which FYI, started out as an academic project) they went from a small project with cool ideals like "Don't Be Evil" (Remember that? They recently struck that off their code of conduct, which is HILARIOUS). Presearch makes the case that nowadays, Google is doing things that are kinda shady, such as screwing with the results you get. They also argue that since they're a big, centralized, publicly traded company, Google is not beholden to the people, but beholden to the investors. That's a big deal. They are very much concerned how an internet that started off as an incredibly decentralized thing became extremely consolidated to the point that a large portion of traffic begins and ends with a handful of companies. See above.

Their solution? To create a community-based search engine ecosystem that provides access to the internet with the goal of spreading out the influence. They want to expose people to other search engines as well as their own proprietary system: 


Pretty, Clean and Cool. Like Sarah Silverman.

That's a fascinating idea. Imagine if Google decided to place links to Duck Duck Go and Bing to the bottom of their search bar. People (Read: Investors) would shit bricks in a futile attempt to understand why. That's the thing; it's not in their best interest to do something like that. Presearch wants their foundation to be built on three things: Open Source Tech, Community Feedback, and Transparency. That is Ambitious. Speaking of which...

Damn it, Sexy Crimson Haired Sex Beast! Taking on GOOGLE? That's one HELL of a Tall Order!

Who the hell writes this shit? Anyway, You're absolutely right. BUT, how many times do you hear about the EXACT SAME THING happening in our Wild West?

- Brave wants to stick the middle Finger to... Well... Google Chrome. That and the multi-billion dollar online ad industry.

- HIVE - The Artist Formerly Known as Steemit - Come from a project that wanted to integrate blockchain technology with social media and do it successfully. Big ol' EFF YOU to Facebook, Twitter, Etc.

- LBRY wanted to take on the YouTube Monopoly on online videos and reward people. Which coincidentally also happens to be Google. Shit.

- LibertyOS (Hopefully after 2021 and a LOT of adoption) wants to take on Microsoft at the OS game. And presumably, ChromeOS. Google.

Needless to say, There's a nontrivial size of the Crypto Industry that wants to ride into battle against the Titans, cocks in hand. This shouldn't surprise you. What also shouldn't surprise you is that... Damn, most of this is Google! I kinda feel like Google had it coming.

That being said, what they want to do is a TALL order indeed. For example:

1.) They need to to have the computing resources of GOOGLE. That's tens of billions of dollars. How do they expect to get around that? Distributed computing of course. Take [email protected] as an example. They are by far the largest computing project in the world with over 2 MILLION TERA Floating Point Operations Per Second (TERAFLOPS) That's a metric shitton. Imagine if you could run a series of decentralized nodes that could store, serve and process search engine data for you. You could have a serious thing on your hands for a fraction of the cost.

2.) They HAVE to build a search engine (Though as of 2020, they already did that). Wow, that's a mean task. IT took some of the best and brightest in computer science to get something like that rolling, and they wanna do it too. That's huge. But, they have a lot resources to choose from and as of now, it seems that they have been doing quite nicely.

3.) They Gotta Prevent Abuse. Back in the Internet Before-Times, SEO was a breeze. Have a website and want traffic? Alls you had to do is stuff the shit outta your site with keywords, submit it to the Google Crawler, and boom. You're ranking top ten. You could spin content, spam the hell outta every forum and post everywhere. Nowadays that's been HIGHLY cracked down upon, and will take your website to the Elephant Graveyard if you even THINK about doing anything of the sort. Presearch wants to ensure that they can do the same thing, and then some. Abuse and spam is not tolerated. They don't go into too much detail on their strategies, but they are cognizant of the risk and wish to mitigate it as much as possible.

Overall, a really solid plan. Whether it pans out is another story, but let's talk about...


Okay, so The Presearch (PRE) token is.. you guessed it, an ERC-20 Ethereum token. Cool! Their total supply at a billion (similar to BAT in that respect) and the break down is like this:


I'm not the BIGGEST fan of founding team allocations and such but honestly, it's pretty customary. Also, it's a good incentive on the part of the founders; it's their share of a burgeoning economy, like options in the traditional world. Can't blame them. It does run the risk of having large owners of the token do a big sale and crash the price (That's a BAAAD Inflow right there), but I don't think they will do that. They've been going consistently for a couple years now and appear to have met their roadmap. So, no fly by night there. The CoinGecko tells an interesting story:

They're in the top 500 in terms of market cap, and the price of the token compared to it tells me there is some definite action going on here. It's about the price of TRX at the moment, but with much less in terms of volume. I think there is room for growth here, since a couple years ago their price went well over a dollar. Of course, it might have been overpriced then, but with the halving next month, I think a lot of solid crypto projects are gonna do well in the coming years. It's a low risk to get the token; just use their search engine! instead of Googling it, PRESEARCH it. You can't lose. You will notice that their engine - as all engines - needs some work, but they are working on that even as we speak. Go nuts.

Oh, and they have a referral program! If you enjoy what you read Please consider signing up under my referral! You can do the same too once you're a member! Ya got nothing to lose.

Thank you SO SO MUCH for reading, I really appreciate it. If you like what you read, check out my backlog. I hope you will enjoy the shenangians.

Until next time, Keep your eye on the markets and do your Presearch.



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