My Posting and Earning and Events for APRIL

My Posting and Earning and Events for APRIL

By SkinnerCrypto | Magic and Lasers | 2 May 2020

Now THIS has been a good month. Went by pretty fast. Of course, I've been trying to increase my post volume and it's been difficult because this whole goddamn IRL crap I'm forced to live in on a regular basis. Coronas, Work, The Little Guy, and cleaning things. Fucking Laundry. and SLEEP. God, I wish I didn't need to sleep. like a frog or some shit.

But... With the decreased volume, I managed to make my stuff work. AND I stumbled into a new opportunity writing for Cryptosorted. Which is awesome. It's a good startup, looking to educate crypto-interested folks on the industry, not bad.


Okay, here we go:




BAT: 147.26 (27.97 USD)

DAI: 4.31 (4.31 USD)

LRC: 479.11 (16.92 USD)



HIVE Token: 462.21 (170.09 USD) Holy Shit.

HIVE POWAH: 325.60 (119.82 USD) Fuck Yes.



52 XRP (10.92 USD)


UPTRENND: Still Trying to Crack That. Uptrennd has been the hardest.


GRAND USD TOTAL: 350.03 (all approx of course with the shifting ebb and flow of the cryptos).

OMFG. My goal for this month was 200.00. And I hit 350.00!! WOW! If that ain't some shit... And I did that with 13 posts. No effin' way man. I think I got something going on here.



1.) No coronas. Hell yeah.

2.) Been looking more into staking, learned a bit about the good ol' trading platforms like Loopring, and I learned that I can get FREAKING BURNED OUT like nobody's business. IT was not easy to get shit done this month for some reason. You guys deserve better. I can only write until I can't I guess. I got some good ideas in the pipeline, so stay tuned for that.

3.) I GOT A CONTINUOUS WRITING GIG! And I get to be a part of a startup project! YAY! Thanks, Cryptosorted!



This is the big one. First, the goals:

Time Management and Staying on Top of it. If I wanna make this work, I gotta keep going with my stuff, find more topics to write about, and basically try and push it to the limit. I love doing this and it isn't a problem of course, but I know that if I want to make this grow, I gotta give more.

I want at least 10 Posts here. Well, I'll be doing more since I have a quota to fill with my new partners. Personal desire: 2 posts a weekday on average, which comes out to about 40. That's a biggun'. I didn't hit post volume last month, but I will try to do that this month. I'll probably knock out a good portion of them on the weekends and spend a bit during the weekdays posting and photoshoppin'

Reach 500.00 USD In a Month. Now that I have several outlets where I can potentiall make money doing this and I want to shoot for more volume, I'm gonna set my next month's goal to 500.00. That's a big one and halfway to my LONG TERM goal of 1000.00 a month.

Shelving the ERC Token Project for Now. I just have too much to do, I'll have to put this on hold for a bit.

--LONGER TERM GOALS. As you know, I wanna make at least 1000.00 a month with my writing. On top of that, I wanna have a car someday. I've been doing some staking and some other stuff, so maybe that will help too. BUT I won't count the staking stuff in my earnings. MOstly because some of it includes my own IRL earned money to do it. Doesn't count.

-- POTENTIAL ROADBLOCKS. Sigh... the IRL stuff. Can't avoid it. I'm gonna be starting school in July and I'll also be studying for a surveying test in the meantime. I probably won't take that until close to July anyway, But when that happens I'll need to ramp down the stuff I am not technically obligated to do. But I will post sparingly then too.

BIG THANK YOU to everyone on here and on HIVE and to Cryptosorted. You made this month possible. I love you all in a way that would make SVU raise an eyebrow and begin investigating me.

Until next time, keep you eye o the markets and MEET YOUR GOALS.







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