LibertyOS: The Brave Browser of Operating Systems

LibertyOS: The Brave Browser of Operating Systems

By SkinnerCrypto | Magic and Lasers | 10 Feb 2020

First and Formost I gotta shout out all of my followers. I just hit the 300 mark and frankly, I am humbled. People have actually liked what I'm writing. It makes me happy and I hope to do more and do it better.

Imagine if Brave and the Basic Attention Token was more ambitious. Like SUPER AMBITIOUS. Like Holy hell, it's one thing to take on Google at their Ad Game. What if Brave wanted to take on the Operating System Game, and by association... Take on F*CKING MICROSOFT.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Sure, Google was one thing. But Microsoft? Bill Gates? No way. When I first heard about this on DataDash a few months ago, I too was skeptical. But it's true. And it's as interesting as you think it would be. The Whitepaper, while not the most technical thing in the universe, very clearly lays out the use case and oftentimes that's better than the details.

The Premise

If you're like me, you have two major choices when it comes to the Operating System Game. MacOS or Windows. Or if you're really savvy, you might go with Linux. Okay that's awesome. Choices are limited, and frankly if you're a working person that's not in IT, you're likely running Windows. Windows is the big boy with over 800 MILLION users worldwide. I remember a trip I took to Thailand back in 2008. They had computers there. They were all using windows. Blew my mind.

So, it is a Linux based operating system, that's the first thing you need to know. But unlike previous versions, they went all in with compatibility. The have partnered with some game devs that produce AAA games for the market, and they ensured things like that could run on it. If you think about it, that is s great idea. Wanna get people to adopt your OS? Make it to where they can do it better and faster.

Furthermore, Their OS is clean and sleek. When compared to Windows, it is quicksilver. This is by design; they want it to be lighter, smoother and easier to use than Windows, which in comparison is a Beast from the Depths of Hades. By their argument, this is because of its established place as the dominant force in the OS market; People most often HAVE to use it. As a result, it's bloated. I deal with this every day in my job as a CAD draftsman. I'll be using my CAD program to have this or that just... f*ck off on my computer. Then I'm waiting with a Blue Spiral of Death and Bullshit and I have to wait until my computer FINALLY decides that it wants to continue running the program again. It is ridiculous.

I have it on good authority that Windows is more or less broken. My father is an old IT guy. He is such an old IT guy that he used to run BBS boards in the 90s. He used to tell me of a time where he would use a computer OS called "OS/2" I know, creative, right? It was a fantastic little piece of software joint developed IBM and Microsoft before they had a tizzy and Microsoft ran off to make Windows. I know little about it because I was just a little dipshit kid back then. However, my father tells me it was something much better. I believe him.

Any case, whether you believe the ancient tales of the "Other Operating Systems" or not, LibertyOS wanted to make this something that could pack a punch and cut out a little piece of the OS space for themselves. In order to do this, they also made LibertyOS capable of being installed and run admirably on older hardware as well as new - something you do not commonly see nowadays. And again, that is part of the plan; if you wanna see hordes of users start implementing and taking advantage of your OS, you gotta make it to where damn near anybody can use it.

And guess what Non-Technophiles? The process is so easy that even you can do it. They made the installation of the operating system so easy, your rank-and-file Arby's Manager can do it. They might have the meats, but they definitely don't need the brains to get this puppy running.

It really is a beautiful thing to look at. I mean, look at it:


It is truly a thing of beauty. Kinda reminds me of MacOS in a sense, or Ubuntu or something. I like it a lot.

Concerned about being able to use Word or other office products? Don't worry about it! they got all that built into it too! Along with that, they made it the utmost priority to have this thing be secure and private, meaning you're likely not gonna run into any adware or malware that this system can't tackle. Oh BTW... It has a system-wide ad blocker. Nice.

But... What about the Token?

Ah, yes the token... This is where it gets good. So basically, the token - like in Brave - is the workhorse for the Advertising portion of LibertyOS. Advertisers buy the token, they use it to purchase ads, the ads are then shown to the OS end users, which earn tokens. These user then has the option to do two things: They can sell the tokens to the advertisers, or they can donate them to LibertyOS developers and help support the Dev space. The token can also be used to purchase apps in an app store, thereby also providing the developers with a source of income:


And are you a developer? Wanna get in on a brand new app space? LibertyOS has a vetting process for that, but it is nowhere near as hard as it might be for say, Android, iOS or even Microsoft. They WANT you to create new features for their OS. They want you to make it better because if yo make it better with your solutions, that's just icing on the cake. Nothing better than that for getting people to actually use it.

At this point, I have little in the way of data concerning market cap, token supply, etc. because they're still in the early stages. However, I can tell you that I have used the OS and... wow. It is a whole 'nother experience. I'm sure to go into detail and tell you all of my experiences about LibertyOS in future posts, and there's one thing I also want to tell you. I believe in this project pretty solidly. It really meshes with my background in IT, and so I decided to become an investor in the project. REALLY fun stuff. This makes me super excited. having said that, This is not financial advice. This is me telling you about a what I believe to be a great idea.

Having said that, if you're in a position to make an investment in something new and exciting, please consider investing in LibertyOS HERE. If you do, you are also helping me out in my Online Crypto Adventures with a referral.

Thank all of you SO much for reading, I REALLY, really appreciate it. If you like my style and wanna read more, please visit my blog and work away. I hope to have more content coming out regularly.

Until next time... Fly Like an Eagle and keep your eye on the markets.





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