AI agents are the future of your web3 portfolio

AI Agents are the Wave, Bro

If this is to be the biggest bull market ever in history forever omg I'm rich, AI has to lead. There's nowhere else to create the kind of speculative valuations that will allow the biggest bull market ever in history. Although most of it will be hot air, the trick to winning is to go for the projects that know how to value signal most effectively.

AI agents, bro. You can think of these agents as a less aggressive version of Agent Smith — possibly not as immediately diabolical (although they could learn the behaviours in future generations) — ready to lead humanity, incel first, into the metaverse Matrix 1 style.

Imagine Sonic 2 with a smart Tails instead of a Tails that gets knocked off the screen all the time — an AI Tails that could even respond to your commands over the mic. It can also be a personal assistant or study partner, but let's be honest — most people will be using these agents as gfs and player 2s.

The projects facilitating the creation and dissemination of these agents will score huge valuations during the bull run. I'm handpicking the ones with 100X potential but minimal risk.

Octavia ($VIA)

We went over this play as a part of the article on Gempad, a hidden lanuchpad gem that gets really good projects but doesn't make you hold $100,000 worth of a token (Seedify backed by Alex Becker) to participate.

Octavia is a web3 focused AI assistant that is now a part of over 100 Discords according to the team. I see bigger companies with the same kind of tech, but Octavia seems to have carved out a niche within web3. The launches were great, and I can tell you from personal experience the team held hands in Gempad to make sure people were happy. As a result, the token did a 40X from launch.

40X? Does that mean the gains are gone? 

Nope. Mcap is still > $20M. This team did more with less, so once they get more, I'm excited to see what they do. Still a possible 100X because of the moat they have around certain groups of web3 participants.


The cabal absolutely sucks at marketing, but these guys do have the potential to build. You can look over this deep dive on the $UEFN project to get a short history of what any project backed by Virtuals has the ability to do. $VIRTUAL itself also pumped 5X out of nowhere after completing its migration from $PATH.

They can pump, so if they actually decide to add the marketing of a YGG or a Beam team, they and all of their portfolio projects are going to go apenuts. Why can they pump? Because Virtuals is in with a cabal that includes important Pudgy Penguins and Mittaria holders originating from overlooked SEA countries (Thailand and Malaysia). But these investors have a LOT of money. Learn more about it in this Mittaria dive.

These two projects are in the same subheading because Virtual is backing both $UEFN and $WAIFU. As of this writing, $UEFN has a token ≈ $2M mcap. $WAIFU does not have a token, but the Blast "fairest launch of all time" is coming up very soon (4 Mar).

You can also flirt with a Waifu for an airdrop. As a rule, airdrops never match what you can get from seed investing, but you can focus on that if you're a forever alone or one of the poors. I was once both, so I understand.

Note: There is a competing $WAIFU (@fungiblewaifu), also on Blast. I'm not a fan because the Twitter looks like a repurposed trading account, like some dude just got accident rich last cycle and is trying to frontrun to milk more liquidity with a vanity project. Eh.


There are many projects called $CHAT. I'm focused on two, because I believe them to be fairly interchangeable. Remember, my thing is investing in virtue signaling, not actual product delivery or userbase. Making money in a crypto bull is all about making people think you have the ability to attract a userbase and could deliver a dope product. That speculation will always make you richer than the actual product (see my article on old NFT projects). 😂

The two interchangeable $CHATs are Solchat and VectorChat. I pick those from trading volume and past pumps. The right people have eyes on these projects, so even though they are not really treading any new water in terms of tech, they may create a niche for themselves long enough to get those eyes to buy during the bull. They've proven their ability to signal their virtue.

These picks are purposefully riskier than those of Youtuber House of Crypto (HoC), who recently did an AI Agents video. I think HoC can be trusted more than Alex Becker or Elliotrades. HoC is looking at $OLAS and $AGI — projects already in the 9 digit mcap range. I don't think these are bad picks. I just prefer to live my life a bit more dangerously (mostly because I'm poorer than him).

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Mad Money: NFTs, UGC and Web3 Gaming

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