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A Better Gaming Launchpad than Seedify?

I decided that I couldn't keep this gem to myself, especially after seeing so many influencoors about to shill people into poverty yet again.

If you're listening to Alex Becker, Elliotrades and these guys that have already made their fortune, you will not, repeat, will not, get rich in this crypto bull market. In context of this article, these are the people who are telling you Seedify is the crypto gaming launchpad you just have to get into. And they conveniently forget to mention

1️⃣ they're shilling their own bags; they got sweetheart deals/free allocations from Seedify and are using you as exit liquidity for an extra 5X
2️⃣ it costs tens of thousands of dollars to actually use Seedify the right way
3️⃣ there are cheaper ways to get the benefits Seedify offers, especially early rounds on web3 game token launches
4️⃣ you have to KYC to use Seedify, which is completely unnecessary

So let's take it from the top, shall we? Wouldn't want to miss anything important.

Seedify's Not Bad, You're Just Late

Getting into an expensive project at the behest of a crypto influencoor, a project that has already done a 100-1000X, is financial suicide. Seedify is not a bad project. It's a very good one. It does get some incredible crypto games to launch there, and if you can afford it, you can make a pretty penny. Here's the problem: Most of you can't afford it.

Seedify works on a tier system.

Seedify web3 gaming tiers

The cheapest tier, which gives you a minuscule allocation of each sale, is $1650 as we speak ($SFUND = $3.35 USD). Keep in mind that those who can afford 100,000 $SFUND will be getting 325X the allocation you get, which gives them plenty of room and incentive to dump you to nothing, make you sell, then buy back your allocation for pennies on the dollar.

But here's the best part: Those people who have top tier status didn't buy in at $SFUND = $3.35. The reason the top tiers are so expensive is because Seedify seeded its own growth by giving away $SFUND to insiders and influencoors at a much lower price many moons ago. So people like Alex Becker and Elliotrades: They actually spent (if that) the same $1650 or so that you did — but they did so at $SFUND >> $3.35.

That's fine for them. What's not fine is that they're shilling you on the product they're about to cash out on.

If you want to do the same thing those guys did years ago now, you have to find the next Seedify.

Fortunately I have a candidate — a launchpad that gets you top tier access for less than Seedify's bottom tier with projects that are just as good. More importantly, launchpads with room to grow give you your 100X.

The Next Seedify: Gempad 

Advantages of Gempad over Seedify (compare to the list above):

1️⃣ no influencoors bloating the price of the Gempad token $GEMS
2️⃣ it costs ≈ $1100 USD for Alpha status on Gempad
3️⃣ Gempad is the cheaper way to get the benefits Seedify offers, especially early rounds on web3 game token launches
4️⃣ no KYC

Here's my personal story on the pad. I wouldn't recommend anything to you that I haven't used myself.

The $VIA Launch

The recent launch of Octavia ($VIA) on Gempad was a huge success, with the token moving ≈ 16X from its Alpha launch price. Octavia is a web3 AI with great tech and team, but maybe not the connections to go to a larger launchpad. That's fine. X's are X's, no matter where they originate from.

And X's are a function of how well the project and launchpad work together, not how many tokens your launchpad makes you stake to get a decent allocation. Safe to say that $VIA was just one example of how Gempad makes the process of launching a project smooth and easy.

First of all, there was no stupid KYC. If you wanted to put money in the project, you clicked the button and put money in. Simple.

Second, the $VIA team was in the Gempad chat even after they sold out their allocation to answer any and all questions. They even tested their bot in the chat by letting it answer questions.

Third, Gempad staff was there to make jokes of the jeets and impatient fudders when some hiccups happened in the process. Not really a hiccup; it's just the $VIA team wasn't telling anyone when their TGE was going to be, because they wanted to wait on the proper time (which they certainly did — launched right into an AI pump).

Honestly, what other service do you need from a launchpad in order to make Xs? And if that's all you need, why would you overpay for the services?

Launchpads in the 2024 Bull Run

There's no doubt launchpads will play a critical role in the 2024 bull run. Successful crypto traders will use them to get in early on good projects while retail unwittingly buys bags that have already done a 10X. Seedify, although the most well known gaming launchpad, is not necessarily the best choice for you in 2024 like it was in the last bull run.

Gempad is a low cost alternative with all of the bells and whistles Seedify has. Diversification is always great if you have the capital, but if you're looking for a low cost way to get in early on some great projects, Gempad is the alpha.

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