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Global Citizen & Future Chooser, based in Hamburg. Pro equality, empathy, sustainability and fairness. Against borders and intolerance. Finding similarities instead of searching for differences. https://twitter.com/tjaaark

The Big PoolTogether V4 FAQ

12 Oct 2021 4 minute read 5 comments CryptoTjark

Hey Poolers 🌊🏆 I'm back and I have some exciting news about one of my favorite DeFi projects PoolTogether. The launch of V4 is only away a couple of days, so I wanted to answer all the questions that could be on anyones mind. V4 has a lot to offer an...

My Process of Writing a Blog Post

26 Aug 2021 4 minute read 8 comments CryptoTjark

Hey Humans,some of the best learning experiences come from reflection. Since I'm new to the world of content creation, I want to take some time and reflect on how I create a blog post. What are my tools? Notion My writing is done in Notion. Notion is...

Pool Together - No Loss DeFi Lottery explained

24 Aug 2021 4 minute read 4 comments CryptoTjark

Hey Humans, most of us probably bought a lottery ticket before. The investment is low, the hopes are high - aaand the money is gone. All you can do now, is to buy another ticket. National and state lotteries most-usually encourage gambling and greed,...

Aave Mobile App in the Making (DeFi for everyone!)

23 Aug 2021 2 minute read 13 comments CryptoTjark

Hey Humans,if you are into DeFi (Decentralized Finance), you will probably already now Aave. If things go right, you will soon be able to use it comfortably in a fully secure mobile app, directly from your smartphone. 📲   Built by Members of the Aav...

How to create a POAP for your own event

22 Aug 2021 4 minute read 5 comments CryptoTjark

Hey Humans, we know from previous posts what a POAP is, and how to view them in our wallets. So far the feedback on POAPs has been great, so I want to follow up this series with a little tutorial to answer @SA_Sam1971 's question:   What's a POAP an...

You can now stake your $FARM on Binance!

20 Aug 2021 1 minute read 10 comments CryptoTjark

Hey Humans,a river of good news flows through the lands of Harvest Finance. After several exchange listings for their token $FARM, such as Coinbase, Binance and Crypto(dot)com, and a surge of its price, Binance has now announced FARM Staking Special...

SundaeSwap (Live Demo Key Take Aways, Latest ISO News, How to get SUNDAE Token)

20 Aug 2021 7 minute read 7 comments CryptoTjark

Intro Hey Humans,Just after the global news outlets acclaimed the death of Crypto again only a while ago, ADA just hit a new all time high of 2,54 $ (the last one being around 2,50 $). Cardano is the third biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, and th...

Coingecko's Candies

19 Aug 2021 2 minute read 1 comment CryptoTjark

Agenda: Candies for everyone!What are the Rewards?What do I use Coingecko for?About Coingecko Candies for everyone! Hey Humans,Coingecko is giving out Candies! But not the weird kind from strangers, your parents told you not to accept, when you were...

Crypto Basics: What's a POAP? (POAP inside!)

18 Aug 2021 5 minute read 61 comments CryptoTjark

Hey Humans, you already know how to add a POAP to your wallet, now I want to go more into detail what a POAP actually is.   Proof of Attendance Protocol POAP is short for Proof of Attendance Protocol. It is a digital collectible created as a NFT (non...

SundaeSwap Live Demo (August 19th) - Latest News about the upcoming Cardano DEX

17 Aug 2021 2 minute read 2 comments CryptoTjark

Hey Humans,You already know I like Cardano and the projects that surround it. One of the most exciting projects for me personally is SundaeSwap. With the launch of Smart Contracts after the Alonzo Hard Fork, SundaeSwap is also going live with their s...