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How to create your own POAP (

How to create a POAP for your own event

By CryptoTjark | Long Horizon | 22 Aug 2021

Hey Humans,

we know from previous posts what a POAP is, and how to view them in our wallets. So far the feedback on POAPs has been great, so I want to follow up this series with a little tutorial to answer @SA_Sam1971 's question:



What's a POAP and what can you do with it?

POAP is short for Proof of Attendance Protocol. It's a digital collectible created as a NFT (non-fungible token) that is powered by the blockchain. It basically allows you to provide badges (as ERC-721 tokens) to people participating to your event. The idea is to enable a new way of keeping long-lasting records of life experiences, without providing any personal explicit data in return. It's free and open source.


What do you need to create a POAP?

The answer is: not much. You only need a graphic file in PNG or APNG format, that not exceeds the size of 200 kb. The recommended measures are 500x500 pixels, and it should be in a round shape.


How to create your own POAP

1) Follow the link to the POAP BackOffice and click on "Create new POAP".

POAP BackOffice (


2) You will be taken to the Create Event page. Here you have to fill out the following details.Name of the POAP: How should your POAP be called? You can just use the name of your event.Description: Here comes the magic. Write a short text to catch the moment. What is this POAP for? What is it about? Make it memorable. Maybe add some details on who designed the POAP or who it is intended for.Virtual Event: If your event is only happening online, you can check the box. If it is happening at a special place on the world, you can enter the City and the Country.

POAP Create Event (


3) Check the box if it's a Multi-day event, or leave it unchecked if the event only lasts for one particular day. Enter the Start Date (when does your event begin?) and the End Date (what's the last day of your event?). You can pick an Expiriy Date, which defines how long the participants of your event will be able to claim your POAP.

Does your event have a Website? Put it in! You could also link the organization or the person, that's hosting the event. You don't need to pick a Template. This option is for regular users, and if you want I will explain the templates in a different article. Let me know in the comments!

It's now time to add your POAP artwork. Choose "Upload File" and pick the artwork from your computer. You will need the Edit Code for future changes to your POAP, or for the event, that you run out of codes (more about that below).

POAP Create Event (


4) Now enter the amount of codes you need, and click on "Save". You can get as many codes as you like, but for reasons of waste reduction, try to order only as many codes as you need. You can always get some new codes later on.

POAP Create Event (

You POAP was successfully created! You should now get an email including your Edit Code and a second one with your claim codes. 📬


Troubleshooting - What if I run out of codes?

Easy - just head back over to the events page, enter your POAP name into the search coloumn, and click on "Request more codes".

Request more codes (

In a new pop-up you can enter the number of **Requested Codes (**how many new codes you want to receive). To request the new codes, you will need the Edit Code, that you where given, when you created the POAP. It's in your email, if you didn't write it down.

Request more codes (

When I handed out my first own POAP, I made the mistake to post the claim codes openly on the internet. They were gone in no time, claimed by people that had nothing to do with my milestone. Lesson learned. ✅

I suggest you to give out your codes individually, or to make sure it's only accessible for the people you want it to claim.


3 more ideas on how to utilize POAPs

Participation Tracker
Are you in a club of some kind? You could use POAPs to hand out badges for participation of events and meetups. This way it's not only a great memory, but can also act as a participation tracker, and use it for things like fair governance.

Thanks to you have the possibility to crate a raffle (lottery) between all your POAP holders. It's free and the raffles are done automatically and fair

Treasure Hunt
You could hide your POAPs masked as QR codes at different places around town. To find those places your participants have to solve little quest and riddles. This could be a great flashback to the old times, or spice things up for those kids that can't leave their smartphones out of their hands anyway.

If you have any more questions about POAPs leave me a comment, or just head to their Discord. They have a great support team, which was really sweet and quick helping me with my requests.

Find out more:
Github Repo:

Token Address:
xDai chain: 0x22C1f6050E56d2876009903609a2cC3fEf83B415
Ethereum Mainnet: 0x22C1f6050E56d2876009903609a2cC3fEf83B415

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