My Crypto Earnings - One Month Overview

When you discovered the world of cryptocurrencies, you've probably spent a lot of time searching the internet for the easiest way to make money or to get cryptocurrencies. And you have surely come across a lot of scam. Well, don't worry, I will present to you my crypto routine to earn tokens without spending anything.


Brave Browser

You surely know him. It is THE search engine that everyone uses here, on publish0x, and which allows you to earn BATs while browsing the Internet. But how much can you expect to earn ? This question that many people have asked themselves. It is difficult to really know because the web is filled with videos and articles saying that you can earn 50, 100, 500 euros per month using THIS "insert a very catchy video title".


Well, here is what I earned this month browsing Brave on my computer. 17.803 BATs browsing the Internet and someone tipped me 0.95 BAT on Twitter. At current BAT when I write this article, it represents $ 4.92. We are far from wealth but considering you are simply doing what you usually do it is pretty nice.


If we talk about Brave, we must also talk about Presearch. Indeed, the two are complementary and will allow you to earn cryptocurrencies simply and by not changing your habits on the internet. In a month of time, I managed to collect 149.50 tokens. This represents approximately $ 2.78 at the current PRE price.


If you know Presearch a little you know that it is possible to earn up to 8 tokens per day by carrying out 32 different searches which would correspond to obtaining 240 tokens per month (worth of $ 4.46). But beware, many users who wanted to abuse the system have had their accounts banned or suspended. There is no need to go overboard.

As you can see, I was reasonable and the result I got is quite achievable by anyone doing some research a day.


It is the only faucet that I use regularly because it includes a lot of features. 


In 1 month I got $ 2.56. For this I did some surveys (maybe 5 or 6 in the month), I clicked on PTC ads and I made the faucet run a few times a day. Downloading apps and games pays pretty well, but it usually takes hours or even days to get the reward. For me it's not really worth it.

Unfortunately I lost percent loyalty a few days ago because I was on the go but, it is one of the faucets that pays the best and the support is really reactive. 


Finally we come to the last thing I do to earn cryptos. Writing articles and reading them and earning a few tokens for that is really good. I had already talked about it in an article when I started on publish0x (you can find it here). I discovered this site a little while ago and I still don't regret it. I discover new authors every day who have a certain talent for writing and I learn new things on many crypto projects that I follow from near or far. It really is a very enriching environment. 


My goal was to get $ 10 worth of crypto on publish0x in a month. Unfortunately I could not keep this goal and I only got $ 9.11 (within a day or two because I joined publish0x at the end of May). I hope I will do even better next month but beyond what I have gained, I have learned a lot thanks to all of you so thank you.


All in all, I managed to earn about $ 21.05 this month without really much stress and I think you can do at least as much.

I think it is important to keep in mind that when you use sites like Cointiply you are the product and your time is your currency. I therefore advise you to do something else in parallel in order to make the most of your time if you are a fan of this kind of site.


Thanks for reading, have a nice day, stay safe. 

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