Is CRO ( back in business ? Technical Analysis 21/02/21

Hello guys, it's been a while since my last post here, on publish0x. But you know how it works with crypto stuff, it is time consuming as hell. And I was trying to improve my knowledge during this time because I was kind of a newbie when I started these things (not pretending I am not anymore lol).

Anyway, I would like to share with you guys a bit of my analysis about the CRO price over the past weeks. So let's get it started.

Lately, there was kind of a disbelief in CRO and the price was just going lower and lower and people were very frustrated. My guess is, the delivery delay/issues, the several bugs occuring when getting CRO cashback, and the changing in the CRO amount you have to stake to get the rewards were a part of the problem.


But let's speak about the chart. As you can see we almost had a perfect weekly double bottom. It seems that it was a pretty good opportunity for long term investor to refill. RSI gave us a good buy signal here as well.

For now, MACD just crossed bullish and price is above the ichimoku cloud. Before it will go to the moon we will need a bullish tenkan/kijun cross, price above the could and the laggin span above the price. 

For now we also got rejected at 0,15 USDT which was a large work area. We will probably need to make this resistance zone (which is also psychological resistance) a support zone to continue an uptrend.

My bet is we will probably get a twist in the next 2 weeks and then we will get a direction. The weekly RSI is probably a bit to high so maybe we will have a stabilisation or a little correction. 


Thanks fo reading guys, feels good to be back here. 

Have a nice day, stay safe and don't forget that I'm not a investment advisor. Your money is yours and you invest/trade at your own risk. 



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