iOS 14 : Good News for Brave Users

At a press conference yesterday, Apple announced the release of iOS 14 beta version and they have presented the new features. If you like Brave, you like to win BATs I highly encourage you to read until the end, you won't regret it.


As you can see there is a new interface, which I personally find rather pretty even if a lot of people criticized this design because it is too similar to that of windows phone. There will be lots of cool new stuff but I am writing this article to tell you about something in particular that will interest you because we are all Brave users and fans on Publish0x. 

Just be a bit more patient, I swear I will tell you everything. 

Some time ago I wrote an article in which I presented a test carried out by one of the developers at Brave. It compared the speed of execution of research and respect for the privacy of the user for several search engines (if you want to read my article just click here). But there was a problem. He explained that when he was running the test on an iOS device, he was not able to set Brave as the default browser and therefor the result was a little biased. 

But here is the good news guys. With iOS 14, you will be able to set your default email and browser apps. all this seems to be finished since with the release of iOS 14 we will be able to choose our own search engine by default.

This means that we will finally be released from the restraint of Apple. More respect for our privacy, more BATs, I'm happy and I can't wait for iOS 14 to come out. 

Feel free to share your opinion about this in the comment section or to argue that apple sucks anyway and android is better :D


Thanks for reading, have a nice day, stay safe.

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