Be Careful people are Lying to you about BRAVE

Hello guys i hope you are going well. 

I've been seeing people writing fake things on Brave for a few days. Some people promise that you can earn up to 100, 1000 or even 10,000 USD a month using this browser. We see a lot of this false information on various forums related to crypto or on Youtube.


I don't want to make these people famous so I will just write this article and present facts so you won't get fooled.

Let's make things clear, I am a fervent defender of Brave but encourage people to believe and spread false things about a project that I like definitely displeases me.

So how much money can you expect from using Brave browser ?


I believe that you all already have the browser installed on your devices. So I won't detail how to install it, but if you need, you can find my referal link at the end of the article.

Facts are simple. You will earn BATs from seeing ads. And you can only get 20 ads max on one device per day. Each ads earns you about 0.05 BAT which means 1 BAT (about 0.20 USD) per day maximum on one device

Now suppose you are using 4 devices with Brave (for example 2 computer, a tablet and a mobile phone). Without referal income, you can expect 4 BATs a day (about 0.80 USD). So you will earn around 120 BATs per month (around 24 USD). And i don't know what you think about it but it's HUGE. But it's neither 1,000 USD nor 10,000 USD. 

So don't believe everything you see on the internet.

But nevertheless I have a way for you to gain some additional BATs

I already talked about it in another article but some Brave users give tips when you are live tweeting during special events. So, all you have to do is simply follow the people linked to the Brave project on social networks (i would recommend Twitter). 

You will not become a millionaire (at least not right now) but you will be able to win some additional BATs and it's pretty cool !


Thanks for reading me.

Special thank you to the people who have already brought me and who will support me.

Do not hesitate to leave me a comment to give me your opinion on these practices. Have a nice day ! 

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