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Hello everyone, I hope you are having a nice day.


This is my first article and today i would like to write about Brave. If you are here i highly doubt you don't know anything about Brave but I will try to summarize a bit interesting informations. 


Brave is a tool that allows you to browse the internet while benefiting from indexed remuneration on ads. This remuneration is made through tokens : BAT. In addition, it also protects your personal data.

The number of Brave users has been constantly increasing since its release. It’s also because the browser is now available on iOS

Brave has just announced that they will soon be deploying a videoconferencing service that will protect your data.


We can then ask ourselves where does Brave's success come from ?


From my point of view there are two main reasons for the success of Brave.

A very interesting project to follow and a foolproof communication strategy.

And this is the point of this article guys. I hope you still here because i am gonna give you a tip to get some additional BAT if you are already interested in Brave. 

Indeed, there are very active on Twitter for example. And it's not only Brave, it's the BAT community and the people who are working of the project. 

They often organize events and give you tips if you participate via a hashtag. They also organize giveaways which is pretty cool in my opinion. 

In addition to this, the project is becoming very popular thanks to the affiliate links that you can generate once you become a Brave creator. This is a win-win strategy.

So, If I had to summarize quickly, I would simply say that their communication strategy is very impressive. They understand how to attract people who do not know much about the world of cryptocurrencies. And that's a good thing because it has to democratize.

I will finish with a tip : follow them on their social networks.

You will be the first to know about new products and above all you will be able to earn additional BAT by interacting with them !

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If you are not using Brave browser already (is it even possible ?)  
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Lodhfiaz - Cryptocurrencies

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