How to store data on a blockchain ?

By yanis | little crypto guides | 13 Sep 2020

In my previous article, I talked about using a blockchain-based cloud (storj), but ethereum was only used for paying node operators. So in this article, I will give you ways for directly storing data on the blockchain.


1 - OP_returns

OP_returns are a way for putting messages on bitcoin-based blockchains. For doing that, we need for a compatible wallet.

op_return example :

We also can send files using bitcoinfiles !


2 - Ethereum hex tx data

With myetherwallet, you can add arbitrary data to your ethereum transaction, but you'll have to convert them to hexadecimal format using tools like browserling or


3 - Tron transaction note

It's a bit the same principle as the previous, but we doesn't have to encode/decode data. Only add a tx note on tronlink.

Example :


4 - Using Hive/Steem

Steem (now Hive since a little problem with Justin Sun) plateform stores all its articles on a blockchain. I also can mention everipedia, that stores its wikis on a blockchain.


That's all !

It's the end of this article and I hope that you liked it.

If you want to try one of these methods, feel free of putting blockchain explorer link in the comments (it would be nice !)

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