1001 kinds of scams

1001 kinds of scams

By yanis | little crypto guides | 11 Jul 2020

There are many scams. Just see the "visit" for new bitcoiners "on right, you can see the carlos matos meme, he looks like a good joke but he stole millions"

So, it is the beginning of this article about kinds of scams


1 - HYIP, classic model

We can't talk about scams without mentioning HYIPS

They always say the same thing "give 1 bitcoin and I will give you x% per day for a defined time"

examples : bitconnect, cloud-minings


Evolved version : Bitcoin doublers

Scams are like pokemons (nintendo, please dismiss that), it can evolve. Bitcoin doublers are just very sample versions of hyips. Why giving x% per days, wait for unlock... when we just have to say someone to give some coins and exit with his money

example : I don't have example, it will deprecate shortly (they exit very fast)


3 - Fake exchanges

I think that you understood the title of this part, fake exchanges are same as exchanges, but only deposit fully functional, withdrawal often has problems/restrictions

example : tradesatoshi


4 - Bitcoin generators

Have you already seen ads for bitcoin generators ?

They will let you think you can make many money, but, then, they will ask you to pay "tx fees", and never send "generated" coins

example : just search "bitcoin generator" on google


5 - Readers who doesn't tip

This part is a joke. But I spend some time for writing article and (trying to) making it interesting, and seeing very little tips is a bit demoralizing.


So, please tip and give me a thumbsup, I find that very rewarding

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