TrustSwap & Their Partners Investigation - A Massive Joint Operation of multiple scammers at play?

TrustSwap & Their Partners Investigation - A Massive Joint Operation of multiple scammers at play?

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 28 Sep 2020

TrustSwap & Their Partners Investigation

If people were around less than 48 hours ago, most witnessed Hatch.Dao doing an exit scam via pulling liquidity out of the pools (Plus they had actual minting feature in contract that allowed to print more tokens, which they didn't get time to deploy due to people snooping around). Since Hatch.Dao used Trust Swap smart contract they were really mad at Trust Swap even though their service doesn't offer vetting (Why it doesn't tho?) 


However this contradicts earlier tweet by TrustSwap CEO Jeff Kirdeikis saying in August that no rug pulls would happen no longer. This caused negative impact on the price of Trust Swap even tho almost in same day (coincidentally) Chico Crypto had sponsored post about the service.

  • This lead to people being very angry at Trust Swap telegram group and many people were banned in quick succession from asking simple questions about the matter. 


The Prior endorsement by Trust Swap didn't either help their case on the subject at all. Which Jeff claimed was not an endorsement and that is definitely a question of real semantics here and people can decide whatever tagging and tweeting about it is endorsement or not. 


Now the big issue of Trust comes from the matter that Ivan on Tech is on board with the project. He has very sketchy past altogether, you can find his sponsored endorsement on Sparkster which is now deleted, luckily someone re-uploaded it. Far as i know he never apologized for it.... He is also on actual team with Ethverse, which i have strong belief is actually owned FalconSwap due to the fact their DNS reports turn out the be the same. There is also lengthy biz article on 4chan regarding ivan's PND scams he has done for newsletter subscribers. There is much more which will be unveiled about him in future investigation for sure. 


Even if he would be caught in the act on endorsing and working with fradulent projects, according to Jeff he would still keep him as advisor? Great for reputation ehh?.... The rest of the advisors seem fine, then again Mauvis Ledford might been participant faking volumes on Coinmarketcap, so that is alleged information as of right now. For the history of Adam barlam, watch the video.


If you are interested in whole Unitrade/Unilayer saga, you better check out previous video & article on the subject. We are not gonna too much into them, but they are definitely sketchy people who keep launching projects every 2 weeks pretty much. By the way Unitrade did miss their audit time and has not yet been released, even tho initially it was suppose to come on 15th. 

  • Now the biggest sketchy player out of these 8 is obviously FalconSwap, since we already proved previously logo was stolen and they refused to release artist "that allegedly" did it. Now we have evidence that 


We got an email of one of their investors that they bailed out from the project due to failing to deliver a product. We are contacting other partners, but lot of the emails are bouncing pack, which makes me believe that these could puppet companies or inactive.

Also someone anonymous person was given access to the Beta Client of FalconSwap, i asked CEO Tim, is that him, but he refused to comment. What is very interesting about this matter is that Falcon had chance to give me access but decided not to, Also Denome reported to me withdrawal functions don't work in it.  What is also very interesting why is this specific youtuber hiding his Ropsten Testnet account? Why would you hide a testing account, makes zero sense since its not real account has no real money in it.


What you also have to understand that Jeff is unwilling to release logs with Alex Cupra aka CEO/Main Dev of Ethverse. As you can see in the image below, they updated their website to remove the fact that Alex was the one that alarm bot for Jeff, so they are previously acquainted and also Austin Merricks is their advisor who is part XIO Network who was one of teams funding Jeff's previous/existing project Uptrennd. Jeff did admit he knows Austin, through the CEO of XIO, Dash.


Why would Ethverse remove this suddenly if not Jeff asking them to do so? OR Alex Cupra aka Tim (Falconswap) seeing that we are onto them and trying to cover their tracks? IF anything this investigation shows that Jeff has very poor judgement when it comes to entering partnerships with other projects, and thats us not even looking into other half yet. 



  • I had a chat with Alex Cupra and he has proven not to be running Falconswap. He was early investor and created the domain, hence DNS checks out. Hes aware of Ivan's scammy past, but doesn't seem to want to remove him from the team however.
  • We have found Jeff Kirdeikis ethereum account and also trustswap team account, we found at least one sketchy activity here so far. 



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