Tomodex Tutorial & Review

Tomodex Tutorial & Review

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 6 Aug 2020

Tomodex Tutorial & Review

TomoDEX - is the first decentralized exchange powered by TomoX protocol. Operated by TomoChain Pte. Ltd. yet secured by the trustless TomoChain blockchain. Powered by and secured directly through the TomoChain Masternode network, transactions on TomoDEX are blazing fast, all trades are entirely non-custodial, and liquidity will be shared with other TomoX DEXs through a common on-chain order book. 


First you need to import your wallet, which can be done via multiple options one that i'm using on the video above is pantograph, you can also import tomochain from mobile wallet via private key or seed phrase. After you have chosen the option click connect


Next off we are going to be selecting which pair we are going to be trading here, pretty simple in this case ill be choosing ETH/TOMO pair since i want to acquire more ethereum.


Now in this screen we can see red and green charts pretty simple.. red indicates at what prices people are selling ethereum and green indicates at what prices people are willing to buy Ethereum with TOMO. fill in the numbers and equations you want to buy at and click BUY.

  • now there will be a pop up that will ask for a contract to be verified (Sign a message basically) with no fee attached to it. This will create a buy order or just instantly buy if you are going to be buying at the price that was asked.

Now lets proceed on how to withdraw ETH or other coin/Token you just have bought.


In this screen we see all the options to interact with the funds. You can lend also USDT & TOMO on the platform getting % ROI interest on those lend rates which are actually quite competitive especially since some are promising up to 11% back in just at 90 days. That makes me considering doing loans on the platform myself

  • If you hit the withdraw button here for Ethereum or USDT, this address needs to be ethereum address not your tomochain address, since this is the process that unwraps the tokens from TRC21 to ERC20 basically.

And now you are all done wait for the confirmations to go through and receive the Ethereum or EThereum tokens into your wallet. This is btw lot cheaper way to acquire any USDT/ETH vs. an Ethereum DEX right now, so not that bad really in terms of fees.

Buy $TOMO at these exchanges as well
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➜ Binance -

➜ Hotbit -


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