SpiderDAO Project Overview | Own VPN service and anonymous Router

By liorezal | Liorezal | 26 Feb 2021

In this article I will talk about the "Spider DAO" project. It is backed by a real business - its own VPN that many people use. The project received a grant from the WEB3 foundation recently. We leave our digital footprints every day, on any site we visit. The threat of theft of this data is growing with the development of technology. Centralized organizations are too slow to respond, and hacker methods are constantly changing. They prefer to protect investors and the interests of large companies, not ordinary users.

The mission of "Spider DAO" is to create a decentralized autonomous organization that will provide maximum privacy on the Internet for the end user. The project team lays the foundations for a robust community-driven ecosystem. This is done by making changes to the concept of the centralized organization. DAO includes network protocol, physical hardware and software. "Spider DAO" strives to implement a sound management structure. Using a Spider connect router is proof of voting rights in the system. It turns out one vote for one router. This eliminates outside influence and solves the problem of the so-called whales - people who accumulated a lot of coins and could influence decision-making due to this.

“Spider DAO” is supported by a running business. VPN service has three tariff plans. “Spider VPN” will provide decentralized and anonymous Internet access all over the world. 

New services and features will be available for a token with the SPDR symbol. The ecosystem offers a set of tools to ensure online privacy. These are routers, SPDR tokens and VPN service. Profits will be shared fairly among all participants, thanks to the DAO governance principles.

You will get access to a fancy and fast router by owning SPDR tokens. You will forget about surveillance on the Internet by installing and configuring it. The router hides your real geolocation completely. And opens the Internet without borders and forbidden sites for you.

SPDR tokens will allow you to purchase goods and services, be part of the DAO community. The main goal of the project: to fix the value of the token. Its price will rise as it develops.

The liquidity incentive program was launched in 2021. User submits tokens and ethereum to pools. He gets a reward in return. The percentage of remuneration can be seen in your personal account on the website. Please note that the rate may change if you want to invest.

Spider Nests is a way of staking SPDR coins. The holder can lock his tokens in the "Nest" so that they are profitable. The profit grows the longer you hold the tokens. Spider Nests differ in the staking period of SPDR tokens, from 1 month to 1 year. Each investor gets free access to the VPN service and has a chance to win a router.

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