Rewatching Star Trek: Enterprise. The Vulcans are the Jews! No Seriously. They represent Israel in space.
Rewatching Star Trek: Enterprise. The Vulcans are the Jews! No Seriously. They represent Israel in space.

By CryptoKeeper | Liberty Biscuit | 17 May 2019

So I decided to start watching Star Trek: Enterprise from the beginning, because I never really got into it the first time around. I'm almost through season 2, and here's what I've learned.

The show is actually quite good, and I think the cast is superb. Since my first introduction to Scott Bakula was Quantum Leap, it's still odd not to hear him utter the phrase "Oh boy." every now and again, but he honestly does a bang up job as the captain of a starship.

There are a multitude of reoccurring story lines interspersed with the episodic style that is a hallmark of shows like Star Trek. One of those storylines is the ongoing turbulence between the Vulcans and the Andorians (Oddly enough, in one of my sci-fi stories I wrote many years ago, before watching Enterprise, I had a race of dwarves-yes in space- that were called Andorians. Weird coincidence.)

The basic premise is the Andorians are paranoid of Vulcan intrusion in their lives, and they're usually right, and the Vulcans are convinced that the Andorians are dirty, sneaky scum, who can't be trusted.

In Season 2, Captain Archer(Bakula) is called to a planet that is involved in a conflict between the Vulcans and Andorians. The planet is near the Vulcan homeworld, but was uninhabitable. Approximately 100 years prior to this point, the Andorians came to that planet and began Terraforming it. They succeeded at making it inhabitable, at which point the Vulcans annexed the planet and booted them. The Andorians are trying to regain the planet as their own as the Vulcans haven't done anything with it in a century, and of course a conflict ensues.

It didn't take long for me to realize just what all of this amounted to:

The Vulcans are the Jews.
The Andorians are the Palestinians(but averse to blowing themselves up.)

The Vulcans talk about peace, but never commit, and the Andorians say they are willing to sit down and negotiate, but can't seem to hold a cease fire long enough to make that happen.

I find it interesting, and even admirable that, as is expected, Star Trek is willing to try and tell real world problems through the lens of science-fiction, and surprisingly, have so far managed to do so without going full #SJW with the whole affair.(Thank God, and you should try it sometime, Discovery-Yes I'm looking at you.)

Overall, I am really loving this show, and T'Pol, who is a rather conservative Vulcan, spends an impressive amount of time in her underwear, wearing less conservative tops than the humans, and her nipples are always fully erect. I know this is secondary to the show, but I'm sorry, she's an amazing example of female beauty, and I don't suffer from ED, so this is a good thing.

So yeah. Star Trek: Enterprise. Great stories, relevant social commentary, and iceberg shattering nipples. What more can someone ask for in great sci-fi television.


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