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Rewatching Star Trek: Enterprise. The Vulcans are the Jews! No Seriously. They represent Israel in space.

6 days ago CryptoKeeper $0.04 (24.3797 HYDRO)

So I decided to start watching Star Trek: Enterprise from the beginning, because I never really got into it the first time around. I'm almost through season 2, and here's what I've learned. The show is actually quite good, and I think the cast is sup...

Marvel Critics Accuse The Studio of Fat Shaming with Thor Endgame Story Arc. Ignore Mental Illness.

1 week ago CryptoKeeper $0.06 (38.5596 HYDRO)

To those accusing Marvel of fat shaming with the Thor story line, let me remind you of a few key points. After the events of Infinity War; and the losses he suffered, Thor was in a state of deep depression, and this caused him to binge eat and drink,...

Kucoin Launches 'SPOTLIGHT' Feature with MultiVAC (MTV)

2 weeks ago CryptoKeeper $0.21 (142.6090 HYDRO)

Kucoin is taking select new coins, and essentially hosting their Token Sale. The first coin they selected for this new Spotlight feature is MultiVAC (MTV). The main feature of MultiVAC is it's use of sharding. MTV claims to be the world's first 'full...