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Afghanistan - A Call to Liberation

By mekhiMKL | Liberating Islam | 2 Oct 2021

The Qur'an is a message of freedom, of equity, of justice. It enjoins us to liberate, to resist, to fight back, to protect and uphold the rights of the oppressed. 

As we watch the latest in a series of crises unfold in Afghanistan, we see our own shortcomings as a community reflected in the mix of apathetic, ignorant, and hypocritical responses which have been very publicly displayed among the ummah. 

We have replaced our allegiance to God and his message with tribalism and western identity politics. 

It's a sad comedy of errors that repeats ad nauseam as follows:

A Muslim is oppressed. We must rise up and defend them! Wait, the government oppressing them claims to be Muslim. Quick, sit back down and stay quiet! 

It doesn't matter what someone does or believes. If they say they are Muslim, if they "look" Muslim, if they "speak Muslim" (what's that?) then we must support them uncritically, particularly if they are affluent, powerful, bloodthirsty and intolerant. We have become seduced by the false power of states, empires, money, and violence. 

It's as if when we look in the mirror we see an Islamophobic caricature out of Charlie Hebdo instead of an emulation of Quranic values. And we've come to love our new, cartoonish reflection, perhaps because we mistook the fear it evokes in the West with strength.

We forget that true power comes from Allah (swt) alone.  

We forget that we were called to challenge all oppression, and to not engage in oppression ourselves. That we have a duty to remind others, especially those who claim to follow the Qur'an, of what we are enjoined to do, and of what is prohibited. Instead, we consult our own prejudices instead of the Qur'an, we create prohibitions as though we ourselves are "God", and we allow all manner of evil to take place under banners emblazoned with the shahada. 

We must return to the path of Islam and abandon the innovations born from hubris and greed.  

Some time ago, I set out to create a blog that would challenge the status quo of this new age of ignorance. My writings have often been informal, or lent to other platforms and movements. I will continue to write in other spaces, especially as it concerns interfaith solidarity and other issues that necessitate a broad audience. With the demands of activism and trying to survive in an increasingly hostile world, my time, energy, and focus to write has often ebbed and flowed. So for quite a long time this blog has sat, without a single post. 

I found my inspiration to return to this effort in the courage of the Afghan people, both in their homeland and abroad. I feel profoundly blessed to have been able to witness their self-advocacy, especially among the women, whose courage and strength is remarkable. 

I will be reposting some of my khutbahs, text-only at this time, that I created for other movements and platforms, but have withdrawn to re-home here. 

I also hope to soon use this as a space to share wisdom from the Qur'an and encourage other Muslims to return to critical study of it. I will be reviewing relevant literature and translations as well. I hope for those who are not Muslim, that this blog may give you some insight into the truth that the media conceals. 

Inshallah, may we all find inspiration in the courage of our Afghan siblings, and may they one day soon experience true freedom and true self-governance in accordance with the Qur'an. 


Your Brother in Faith, 


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Liberating Islam
Liberating Islam

Liberating Islam is a Muslim blog focused on the need and obligation for Muslims to throw off quietist, bigoted innovation, to reconnect with the message of liberation, justice, equality and freedom found in the Qur'an and to fight against all forms of oppression, bigotry, injustice, and corruption throughout the world. Inshallah may we elevate humankind and our world to better reflect the mercy and grace of our creator. Image source information -

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