Update of my experience using Trading Bot

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Happy to meet you through this article again.

Last month, I have shared my initial experience of Trading Bot with Kucoin platform. 

I strongly recommend you to study my above linked article and continue reading this article. 

After I have booked my trading initiative through the trading bot, with the Ukrain and Russian war, all the crypto markets were beaten heavily.

With some bounce back happened during this days, I could see some profits and would share the experience by Trading Bot with Kucoin which were offered free.


The trading bot (Spot Grid) is running on the 47th due successfully. I have booked the combination of LRC/USDT with the capital of 200 USD. The price margin was automatically set with 0.727- 1.353 USD. Each buy-sell order is set for a profit of 0.0086 USD of profit (after the trading fee). 

The moment I write this article, with this trading bot I have attained a grid profit ( Profit booked) was 26.053 USD ( ~13%) and a unbooked profit of 4.154 USD. With this a total profit stands at 30.23 (~15.11%).  So far, 2165 arbitrages have been made and in the past 24 hours, 116 arbitrages have been made with the trade. 


During the war announcement this was in the negative territory and slowly booked the profits with the orders set by the bot. The profits once booked, the bots automatically buys again with the automatic limits. 

I anticipate that during this week LRC would break my margin in 1.353 and I anticipate roughly another 1.5- 2 USD profit would be made in the said interval.

In short, being new to this trading with bot, my experience using the Trading bot was fantastic.

If the Ukrain and Russia war had not taken place, the profits would be made much shorter time.  But the swings in the market make our profits attractive and the trading in the range is always fetching rewards to you.

I will see you with an interesting set of other news with my next article.

Stay tuned and thanks for the support!





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