My Crypto Trading with Trading Bot

Hi Readers,

It has been pleasure for me to share my consolidated views through mini articles with Publish0x platform for your information from this year.

In this article, I am going to share my experience of Crypto Trading via a Trading Bot.

As the Crypto Coins has extreme swings on both sides, it is very difficult to trade for optimum profits and it needs a constant watch always which means 24 x 7 to place orders and to follow up for the execution, putting a stop loss or place reverse curve of orders.

In various times, I wondered, trading must be done with equated buy & sell to get maximum trades and profits. I have also watched various learning videos on the available Crypto Trading Bots.

I got such an opportunity couple of days back to me. 

With all your support and tips, I wanted to take out 0.5$ worth AMPL of my first token earnings from Publish0x. As it was suggested to have a account with Kucoin to do the transfer for the 46th Publish0x Payment Settlement. 

I signed up with a Kucoin Account and entered the Kucoin Id in the payment section my Publish0x and I got the transfer too.

When I browsed through various options that were available with Kucoin, I was super excited. 

They do have various wide range of options - welcome gifts for the new users, have various coins which were quite new for me, various crypto lending options with attractive at APR rates, learn to earn articles ( worth 0.1 USD @ 20 secs), KuCoin Bonus, trading bots and so on with their Kucoin platform.

As I was very curious with trading bots feature, I looked into it more deeply. 

In Kucoin, they have five trading bots to meet various needs 


I was super curious with Spot Grid which said it was recommended for the Newbies.  The best thing is that it can be configured for free within minutes with the selected crypto pairs even with 40 USD.

I tried to have configure a trading bot with Loopring LRC/USD pair with a capital of 200 USD.  It segmented 50 buy and 50 sell orders within the range that has been taken automatically according to the market price. If the market would trade outside the configured range, the trade bot would stop and we need to adjust the price range again.  


It is what how the Trading Bot worked for me. 

The grid Profits are the one that has been booked with bought and sold. The Floating PNL indicates that the Profit Margin at the market on the Crypto boughts. 

At this point in time, that I write this article, it works with a profit of 4.984 USD. Last night, I could see a profit of >7 USD. With the market movements, the profits were decreased as of now. 

But, I am happy that even without my constant monitoring it works good. If it goes working in long times, I anticipate a much better profit as well. The more swings of the market within the said range, the more profit would be!

Please don't consider that I am batting for the bots. This can be tried as one of the modes of trading Cryptos!

I am just wanted to share the experience with realtime datas!









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