Bitcoin Beach Carnival in Brazil

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The first ever Bitcoin Beach Carnival is about to happen in Brazil.

Praia Bitcoin Brazil the Bitcoin education initiative, is planning to host its inaugural Bitcoin Carnival in Jericoacoara (also known as Jijoca or spelled Gijoca) is a small fishing village come beach hippie resort in Ceará, Brazil some 300 km west of Fortaleza) a small fishing village in Brazil’s Ceara.

The social project aims to build the circular economy for the vulnerable, impoverished and those who do not have the financial mainstreaming servicing including the no bank account holders.  

A Bitcoin circular economy is a free market where you can trade any products or services for bitcoin- everything  including daily needs like food, jobs and housing etc., 

According to the sources, the Bitcoin Beach Brazil project has been created by Fernando Motolese. He intends to help more communities worldwide with the integration of the Bitcoin standard through his currently working book, “Bitcoin Standard Circular Economy”.


Since the launch of this social project, it gets a great response among from the wide sections of the society. Blockchain for Humanity awarded this social project as the leading Social Project with greatest impact in the world last year in Argentina. Listed with New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), CCL currently trades at $11.29 with an appreciation of 41.66% with the YTD. 

Through this Carnival conference, similar to that of El Salvador, Bitcoin Beach Brazil will help in creating the awareness on Bitcoin the payment acceleration with Bitcoin and help to do the roadmap for the merchants to accept the bitcoin payments in this region.

This Bitcoin Beach Carnival is being conducted at a time when the oldest Brazil National Bank starts accepting the cryptocurrency payments for taxes. The Government of Brazil is working out for fresh legislation for this move.  We all know that the Brazilians are well known for their crypto enthusiasm. According to the Mastercard Global Index Survey 2022, nearly half of the Brazilians (49%) have done at least one crypto related activity. This is much higher than the global average of 41%.  It is to be remembered that Binance Prepaid Crypto Card has recently been launched in Brazil. 

This Bitcoin Beach Carnival even is going to be conducted in a time when the Brazilian national bank starting to accept cryptocurrency payments for taxes. Furthermore, the Brazilian government has been preparing the legislation for this innovative move since November 2022, when Bitcoin (BTC) was officially adopted as a means of payment.

Hope through this specialised and focussed programs, the awareness and integration of the cryptos are part of the day to day lives of the common people. 

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