Health Is Your Natural State

By LeslieInMotion | LeslieInMotion | 31 Aug 2020

I invite you to consider that health is your natural state.  Let that sink in.  Then, ask yourself...

  • How do you define health?
  • How do you define a healthy person?
  • Have you ever met one?
  • Would you know if you've met one?
  • Is a person on medication healthy?
  • Is a person who's overweight healthy?

Your body is continuously building up and breaking down.  This ongoing process of building up and breaking down is how you maintain health.  This process is fueled by your environment, your mindset, whether or not you exercise and what you ingest.  At any given time, your body is either changing and adapting for health or it isn't.  When your body is building up faster than it is breaking down you are a healthy person.

What does building up, changing and adapting for health look like?  It's the turnover of skin cells, it's the lining of your digestive tract regenerating every few days.  It's the instant repair process that begins when you cut your hand. You are free of a diagnosis.  You easily maintain your weight. You aren't making the decision to heal or regenerate.  Your body knows what to do and what it needs to do it.  You don't have to focus on your skin and tell it to heal anything.

Your body is a collections of systems, organs, cells, energy and processes all working together.  Compartmentalizing your body gives you a snapshot of what's really happening.  For example, if you have a heart problem, it isn't just about your heart.  It also means you likely have...

-An issue with brain function: memory, brain fog

-A chronic stress issue.  Stress is an underlying factor for every disease or condition.

-Probably a diagnosis of high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol

-A sleep issue.  You don't wake up refreshed and energetic.

-Depression and/or Anxiety

-Poor Posture

-Compromised nerve supply

-Digestive Issues: bloating, reflux and/or constipation

-The basis of your diet is likely eating out, bread, pasta, rice, crackers, chips, desserts and low quality animal products.

Back to our heart problem that isn't just a heart problem.  Since these other challenges are considered chronic physical, chemical or emotional stress your nervous system thinks you are in grave danger and leaves you squarely stuck in a sympathetic nervous system state of fight, flight or freeze.  Here, you'll be flooded with stress hormones and certain functions of the body do not work in a sympathetic stress state.  Then, the question becomes are you adapting for health or not?  NOT!!!

I encourage you start shifting your mindset in the direction of changing/adapting for healing?  Spend some time asking yourself the questions below and get honest about the answers.  The first step of change is awareness.  

1. Is your healthcare provider addressing all of your challenges?

2. Do you have multiple healthcare providers?  Do they talk to each other?

3. What is their go to method for addressing these challenges?

4. Is it a prescription?  Is it something else?

5. Does your healthcare provider spend more than 10-15 minutes talking to you?

6. How do you manage stress?


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