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Crypto-currency is known to have been the universal payment method which is simply based on the computer encryption protocol and codes. The use of Crypto-currency has been the best payment method enjoyed by individuals, business organisation, financial institutions and companies over the time. The use of crypto-currency has gained a worldwide adoption in which it has replaced the previous known centralized payment method. As it is known to the users of crypto-currency that decentralization is an integral part in the use and adoption of crypto-currency in which the whole universe has been clamouring for.

The creation of new crypto-currency everyday has led to more demand, publicity and usage of digital currency in which this has also increase the need for crypto-currency trading platform. There has been some exchange platform which are working presently which should have been enough for trading of crypto-currency but unfortunately they are not working to their full capacity as a result of increasing and growing in demand for digital currency. In order to fill the lapses and rectify the issues associated with the current exchange platform, SATURN team has launched a trading and exchange project which will sees to all problem facing the current exchange platform.


As it is observed lately there has been a sharp drop in market capitalization as a result of series of manipulation and irregularities from the exchange platform through the falsification data which has led to people loosing their trust and believe in crypto-currency. One of the aim of SATURN projecty is to restore balances into the crypto-,market through the use of blockchain technolgy which will give 100% transparency

SATURN Project is one of the best crypto-currency exchange platform the will solve all the issue associated with the current crypto-currency tradin platform. SATURN crypto-currency platform will be the best in the area of liquidity, security, transparency, low fees, convenience, good user interface and lots more.

The main goals and objectives of SATURN platform is to create the best new, safe OTC market for crypto-currency trading which will simply be based on crosschain protocol for exchange swap.

SATURN exchange will implement a voting technique in which traders will be able to vote for the coins/tokens of their choice to be listed on the exchange in which this will help a lot in listing only projects with great potential and community supports. It has been observed lately that some coins were been deleted from the current exchange platform has a result of low liquidity and trading volume.


Another approach by SATURN team to increase the value and worth of the project is to list on some other top tier crypto-currency in which this has conbfirmed the legibility of SATURN project as one of the best. With these approach by SATURN team there wont be any manipulation on the value and worth of the token.

SATURN project has introduced lots of features that will give more preferrence to XSAT token holders and users in the platform such as collateral for assets trading and exchange.


Token Symbol => XSAT
Token Type => ERC20
Token Supply 1,000,000,000 XSAT

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