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Blockchain has been the buzzword of 2018. For the uninitiated, let me quickly simplify it in less difficult terms. The blockchain is a decentralized ledger of transactions recorded through the use of cryptography. The entries or blocks are then distributed across many computer systems running on nodes in a P2P environment making it impossible to adjust the records later.

Blockchain became designed to be used particularly inside the monetary sector of digital crypto-currency. It has since then evolved to document some thing of value, create self-executing smart contracts, and build decentralized apps (DApps) like chat messengers.

Why not use the existing Community Messenger like Discord, Telegram and Fcaebook? because though they seems so comfortable and encrypted, but lets not forget that those apps are still centralized and owned by way of a single entity who may additionally choose to do what they deem match without any profits or rewards to the users and their customers which has led to the creation of trust issues within those platforms. This is the right time we embrace decentralization because it has seems to be the way forward now through the use of blockchain technology which is why a great TEAM has offered us a lifetime solution to the problem through the development of a new REWARD-BASED COMMUNITY MESSENGER known as NESTREE

Blockchain offers many benefits over conventional systems. First is immutability. As soon as something gets recorded, it's totally almost impossible to trade it due to the fact a decentralized database of computers and blocks are involved.

Due to the fact that blocks are shared and stored across a network of nodes run by way of humans, no single man or woman or entity has complete access over it. This reduces the danger of one person or entity manipulating the facts without others understanding about it.

It also removes the risk of a single factor of failure. If all of your facts are saved in a single device and the system fails, you lose the entirety. Distributed ledger gets rid of this risk. Each encrypted entry is seen for absolutely everyone to evaluate, bringing transparency and duty to the system.


NESTREE is a new and an advanced reward based community messenger which intends to reward its user through advertisement in the platform, creation of content , invitation of friends and lot more activities performed in the platform. The users tends to earn reward for publishing content in the platform. Centralized Community Messenger platform have been known to have enslave the content creators and advertisers over the time but now I believed the slavery is over now with the launch of NESTREE platform which is ready to award users and writers for their activities in the platform.

Users of NESTREE platform can also earn by referring their friends and relative to the platform and the messaging apps. This is another way for users to earn money and benefit from the platform because hardly you could see any Community messaging and chatting platform that reward users for referring their friends into the platform.

Another beneficial way users of NESTREE can earn is through the ads and promotional adverts. NESTREE platform is designed in such a way that members can earn from watching an ads and adverts in the community messenger app. To ensure transparency and fairness, NESTREE platform has allocated a particular reward to be earned from each and every ads available in the platform all its left to users is just to select whichever they preferred.

NESTREE app is also designed with an inbuilt wallet which means users can easily store their earned reward and other crypto-currency in the wallet. Tokens such as EGG, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, MAKER and BNB can be stored in the NESTREEE wallet. The brand new generation COMMUNITY MESSAGING apps (NESTREE) is also integrating crypto-currency wallets into its platform. This permits users to ship and obtain cash, just like messages, most effective freely or with minimal transaction and processing fees.

Users of NESTREE platform can also trade and exchange their tokens within themselves without actually going to an external crypto-currency exchange. All these can be done by following simple steps in the platform.


EGG will be used by NESTREE platform to reward its users for promotions, ads and content creation in the platform. Details of the Token Below

Token Symbol => EGG
Token Type => ERC20
Token Price => $0.01
Total Supply => 3,000,000,000

20% Allocated to Token Sale
20% Allocated to Ecosystem
15% Allocated to Business Development
17% Allocated to Marketing
10% Allocated to Team and Founder
10% Allocated to Reserve
5% Allocated to Legal and Compliance
3% Allocated to Advisors


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